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In true Valentine’s style, the BBC’s One Show turned all romantic this week as it asked couples of all ages to explain how they knew it was love at first sight when they met their other half.

Included in the voxpop feature aired last night (Tuesday), on the eve of Valentine’s Day, were Castle Village couples Brenda and Ken Walker (pictured left), and Peggy and George Dent.

While Peggy and George have been married for 65 years, Ken and Brenda tied the knot more recently, in 2011, in the village.

George first serenaded Peggy to win her hand – and he recreated his tuneful romantic approach in the One Show piece. For the Walkers, they always knew they were right for each other but left it 30 years before they actually tied the knot.

The couple married at Castle Village and here is their story from 2011……..

Ken Walker and Brenda White became husband and wife at the weekend – at the tender age of 80 and 73 respectively.

After 30 years of living together the Berkhamsted couple decided they couldn’t put it off any longer – it was time to wed.

To help them celebrate the occasion, over 100 friends and family joined the happy couple at a special blessing in the Japanese Garden at their home in Castle Village.

It was a unique occasion for the village, and for the owners of Castle Village, Retirement Villages Ltd – the marriage was the first in the 30 year history of its 14 UK villages.

“We wanted it to be a real party and it was just that,” explained Ken, who met his new wife Brenda while working within the sound industry 30 years ago.

While a neighbour made the wedding cake, another volunteered to run the bar and keep celebrations flowing.

“We opened the ceremony to the village and over 100 people immediately said they were coming,” added Ken. “It is one big family community where people offer to help and wish you well – our living room is full of cards. It’s been an amazing weekend, it couldn’t have been any more special.”

After a whirlwind weekend with the register office ceremony and village blessing, Ken and Brenda are now recharging their batteries on a honeymoon break to the Scilly Isles.


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