Lockdown Inspiration


We’re all running low on ideas to keep entertained and motivated during lockdown, so we’ve put together a list of things we’ve found online to inspire you…

Staying connected – we recently published an article on Smart Displays – what they are how to use them which you can read here.

New Tricks – with time on our hands it’s a great opportunity to learn a new language so when you can next go on holiday you can show off your new skill. With a free app or website courses Duolingo offers over 30 different languages to choose from in bite-size and frankly very fun lessons.

A Night At The Museum – Museums such as the British Museum and The Guggenheim (Bilbao) are offering wildly engaging online tours of their artefacts and exhibits….all for free.

Trek the WorldGoogle Earth is transporting us around the world in breath-taking high definition. From Switzerland to Israel, thanks to Google’s painstaking mapping of the globe, you can follow a wide range of stunning treks all from the comfort of your front room. With views such as this:

Soak Up Some Culture – Google again, this time with their Arts & Culture site. Explore seemingly endless resources of art (including a fantastic rainbow of paintings categorised by colour) and curated exhibitions from museums all over the world. They have 19,300 items alone on World War II, including stories from Bletchley Park, as well as materials from museums in Poland, US, Israel, Netherlands and France.

Cook Up A Storm – There are a host of celebrity chefs creating online content at the moment. Jamie Oliver is one of them – offering live Zoom classes online (ranging in price from £24 – £29 for a two hour class) you can learn how to cook a wide range of cuisines. Alternatively he has a load of pre-recorded recipe videos on his website (available for free) including ones in conjunction with brands like Tesco.

Save the Dolphins – You can get involved in some online conservation projects if you’re keen to volunteer your time during lockdown. Websites such as Zooniverse offers people of all ages the opportunity to get involved in real conservation research projects.


If you’ve had enough of screen time or simply prefer non-computerised activities, we have the following suggestions;

Keep In Step – Do you have a digital step counter (such as a Fitbit)? It’s a great way to set daily step targets to keep everything moving. You can maybe team up with a friend and set up a joint daily target to make it more fun, but also keep you committed!

Write A Diary – we love the diary. It’s so nice to capture what you’re doing each and every day and to compare what you were doing this time last year! Either written or video/voice recorded, you can document your experiences and who knows, you may give Samuel Pepys a run for his money.

Draw The Alphabet – Each day draw/sketch/paint something beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. Starting with A, work your way through the entire alphabet, you could even experiment with art styles, materials and techniques as you go. You’ll end up with a fantastic series of creations you can treasure (or perhaps even sell…). Some inspiration from artist Rory Dobner (tiles available through John Lewis)

Craft Deliveries – If you like the idea of crafts, but lack the skill or inspiration, or would just like to try something new, there are a whole host of arts and craft subscription services you can sign up to (generally for around £20 a month) and you’ll get a new project delivered to your door each month. The beauty of them is the variety of projects you can try and also that they send you all the kit/tools you’ll need to get started. Some popular companies are Artful, Cosy Craft Club and Craftpod.