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Getting older doesn’t have to mean slowing down or doing less. In fact, it can be a reason to be more ambitious and active, with extra time and resources to live the life you want to.

Millions of Baby Boomers – children of the 60’s era of counterculture and change – are on the look out to move back to town centres and cities in search of bustling communities, better transport links and access to high streets. They’re ‘boomeranging back’ from the rural areas they raised their families in to take advantage of all the opportunities that urban living offers.

Who are the Baby Boomers?

Baby Boomers refer to the generation of individuals who were born during the post-World War II period, approximately between the mid-1940s and mid-1960s. This demographic cohort is characterised by a significant surge in birth rates during those years. Baby Boomers have witnessed and contributed to various social, economic, and cultural changes throughout their lives, and they represent a distinct generational group with unique experiences and perspectives.

Baby Boomers are embracing change once again and want to live more connected, thriving lifestyles. One in five over 65s are already looking at moving to a more built-up area. And even if they’re not moving now, the trend is set to grow over the next 10 years, with just under a third of over 65s likely to want or need to live in a connected area in future.

We asked what they want most from a life in an urban area and these three things came out top…

Better connected

Coming back to a town or city when you retire, means being connected to everything and anything you’re interested in. Whether that’s heading out to try new restaurants or going to the theatre, you can easily get around with better transport links, and with lots more options close to home as well!

Almost half (48%) of Baby Boomers say that as they age, they are more likely to get the amenities that they need in an urban area and closer to a high street or town, and 83% agree that a town centre is important to them in retirement.

Town centre regeneration is at the heart of our Thrive Living collection – with our first two developments completing in 2025 at the heart of urban communities in West Byfleet, Botanical Place will be home to 196 later living apartments, The WyldeWoods, in Chester will provide a community 155 homes, followed by Tunbridge Wells in 2026. Thrive Living is a new concept for the UK retirement living sector designed to promote active, independent, connected lifestyles rooted in community, putting you back into the heart of the town.

Living in an IRC means you can be right near the action whenever you want. We want to make sure that our properties will truly feel part of the local community, so you do too, but you’ll also have the convenience of amenities right on your doorstep, with high quality housing combined with leisure facilities and restaurants.

Let's get more social

Living in a town or city community also allows you to live among friends, and offers an amazing opportunity to build new friendships in later life. Our research shows that over three fifths (63%) of over 65s say they enjoy meeting and socialising with new people, which is much easier to do when you’re living in a busy and connected environment than it might be somewhere further afield.

You’re also within easy reach of a wide range of activities and places to go when socialising, meaning whatever you and your new pals like to do together, you can probably find somewhere nearby that offers it! Whether that’s a trip to the new exhibition that’s just opened or trying that Vietnamese restaurant your friend has been raving about, there’s always something to do.

Thrive Living sits at the heart of local communities. We find ways to help people feel closer, not further away. Places for friendships, passions and social groups to flourish for those who wish them to, but without ever sacrificing your security or peace of mind. You’re also close to support should you ever need it, while maintaining your independent lifestyle, meaning you don’t have to compromise between the two.

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Healthy & active

Keeping active isn’t just good for your physical and mental health later in life, it’s also a fun way to spend your time! You don’t have to be a pro-athlete to get involved, especially when you’re living in a place with easy access to gyms, leisure centres, exercise classes (although former Olympians are always welcome too!).

We know that Baby Boomers place a great deal of value on keeping active, with over half prioritising leisure facilities which help them do that when thinking about where to live. Thrive Living is designed with amenities and outdoor spaces that are open to the local neighbourhood. This brings everyone together securing a positive contribution not only to your wellbeing but the local economy too.

Even if a session in the gym or the pool isn’t your thing, just having a group of friends nearby to get out and about with is great for keeping active. Who says that keeping active can’t mean a day of flitting between art galleries, shops, and a stroll in the park?  You’ve got all the options in your community, and the rest is up to you!

Find out more about Baby Boomerangs and our Thrive Living collection. You can even meet the Baby Boomers living in our towns and cities already.

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