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Judi, who worked as an early years teacher for 30 years, moved from a three-story townhouse in Enfield to a cottage in Cedars Village during December 2020. The move saw her downsize out of London, and move to the countryside in Chorleywood. She was looking for a strong local community to be part of and wanted to be able to enjoy an active lifestyle full of hobbies and interests. One of the hobbies she’d been able to dedicate more time to since moving is art.

Art was a hobby Judi had pursued many years ago and she was pleased to be able to restart her endeavors when she moved to Cedars. The art club is held in the community once a week and sees a regular group of residents get together to enjoy painting and drawing. There are no set themes to the group everyone just enjoys each other's company and works on their respective pieces. Every year the community comes together for an exhibition to display everything they have worked on.

Alongside the regular community art group, Judi has been taking a local class in nearby Chorleywood too. This class is led by a tutor who has helped Judi to refine her skills and really improve her work.

Judi is also a keen walker and enjoys the grounds around the community and its proximity to Chorleywood Common, where she leads regular walks as part of her U3A group.

Judi comments,

Cedars Village is a real hive of activity. There’s so much to do from art class, to book group to walking and so many friendly faces to join in with. I really enjoy all the activities on offer.
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