Roseland Parc offers cash boost for traffic calming measures

News posted

23rd January 2012

A scheme to introduce traffic calming measures to a Cornish village has been given a welcome cash boost by a national company.

Retirement Villages Ltd, which owns and manages age exclusive village Roseland Parc in Tregony, has pledged £1,500 towards the project costs.

Tregony villagers have been campaigning for several years for a range of measures to slow traffic to be introduced. The village’s main road is wide which leads some drivers to navigate through at speed. But with narrow pavements and pedestrians using the village shop, Post Office, church and pub, residents fear for their safety.

After a series of meetings, the highways department has now drafted an outline plan for the scheme – but there is limited funding available.

Councillor Bob Egerton said: “We have suggested a fairly minimal but – what we hope will be – a very effective scheme. We need a total of around £21,000 to pay for the work but the funding isn’t automatically available.”

Roseland Parc and Retirement Villages has stepped in to kickstart the funding for the scheme which, it is hoped, will be implemented later this year.

Village manager Derek Pashley said: “We have been discussing traffic issues with our neighbours in the wider community, and local councillors, for some time. All of our residents are aged over 55 and some are considerably older than that. Negotiating the main road through Tregony to get to the Post Office can, at times, be hazardous. Anything that encourages drivers to take more care and cut their speed through the village is welcome and we’re pleased to be able to help the cause.”

A public consultation/information session will be held in Tregony Village Hall between 3.30pm and 7pm on Tuesday, 24 May at which local residents can view the proposals and talk to their local councillor and council officers.