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Revolutionising Retirement

If you’ve been considering retirement living options, our latest offering is a breath of fresh air. We have introduced a revolutionary way to buy and sell retirement homes that will make life simpler and more affordable for retirees. Our innovative approach streamlines the entire process, reducing the stress and complexity often associated with moving in later life. With a focus on transparency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, we aim to provide an exceptional experience for those looking to enjoy their retirement. Explore our unique solutions and discover how easy and enjoyable retirement living can be.

Introducing the Thrive Living Collection

Designed and built for people who want to stay connected, sociable, and active as they get older. We call this positive ageing and it’s at the heart of our purpose. Our approach focuses on choice and wellbeing, offering people the freedom to continue to live life on their terms – without compromise. Unique, and shaped by the amazing people who live there, they are communities that know how to live.

What Makes This New Model Special?

  1. No Hidden Costs: The guaranteed repayment model eliminates the annual management fees once you vacate, and you won’t face any hidden costs. The fees are straightforward and transparent, aligning with the ARCO* Consumer Code, which ensures full disclosure regarding fees and charges.
  2. Guaranteed Repayment: When you sell your home in the Thrive Living collection, we guarantee that you’ll receive the price you initially paid, minus a deferred management fee (DMF).
  3. Hassle-Free Selling: We take on the responsibility of refurbishing and reselling your home, removing the stress and hassle of the selling process. This means you can focus on enjoying your retirement without worrying about future financial arrangements.

Why This Matters

The Thrive Living model is a direct response to the growing demand for affordable and straightforward retirement living solutions. Research by The Associated Retirement Community Operators (ARCO) found that 90% of older people worry about hidden fees and charges when considering retirement housing. Our new approach directly addresses these concerns, making retirement living more accessible and financially secure.

Will Bax, Chief Executive of Retirement Villages Group

“With a rapidly ageing population and a housing market in crisis, we need to transform the options available to older people. Our new Thrive Living collection aims to simplify the process of buying and selling a retirement home, so our residents can focus on the important things in life.”

Michael Voges, Chief Executive of ARCO, supports this innovation, highlighting the shift towards more diverse and flexible housing models for the elderly.

Looking Ahead

The first Thrive Living community, The Wyldewoods, is set to open in Chester in November 2024, with the marketing suite open now and taking reservations.  Next summer, the doors to Botanical Place in West Byfleet will open, followed by Tunbridge Wells in 2026.

These communities are designed to integrate seamlessly with their local surroundings, offering communal green spaces, a variety of services, and social groups to ensure residents can live active, independent lives.

Our Thrive Living collection is poised to set a new standard in the retirement housing sector, promising more than just a place to live, but a community that supports health, wellbeing, and financial security. With plans to deliver over 5,000 new homes across 40 sites in the next decade, we are committed to creating sustainable, thriving communities for retirees.

* The Associated Retirement Community Operators (ARCO) is the main body representing the Integrated Retirement Community sector in the UK.

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