Retirement Villages teams up with dementia expert

News posted

17th July 2012

Retirement Villages Ltd, one of the UK’s leading providers of housing options for the over 55s, has engaged a leading dementia specialist to help enhance its service.
Dr Daniel Nightingale is working with the company to develop a strategic plan including training, further provision of living options and ongoing development of the service.
Retirement Villages Ltd manages 13 age-exclusive communities across the country, a selection of which have suites designed specifically to meet the needs of those living with dementia and other memory loss conditions.
Paul Walsh is the company’s Managing Director, Care and Operations Division. “We strongly believe people living with dementia deserve the best care, support, surroundings and treatment. Engaging Dr Nightingale as a consultant to work with us is a demonstration of that commitment.
“We will be working with him to introduce a new person centred strategy to our residents, their families, staff and medical professionals. This will ensure everyone involved with our residents receives the optimum level of support.”
Dr Nightingale said: “Dementia care is one of the Government’s top priorities. Sadly, the UK lags behind many other countries, especially in relation to the provision of care in a supported living environment.
“Retirement Villages and I will be developing and implementing a model of care throughout the organisation, focusing on true person centred care, which will be the essence of all we do to support people through their journey of dementia. This means supporting relatives too.
“Members of the direct care and management team will be receiving ongoing training, support and development to ensure this programme has maximum impact for the people living in a Retirement Villages care facility.
“While helping to meet key objectives of the national dementia strategy it will ensure the quality of care delivered will exceed in every way the essential standards expected by CQC.
“This is a very exciting opportunity and I am looking forward to being an influential part of the Retirement Villages team.