Knowing my parents live in a retirement village provides peace of mind

News posted

2nd November 2015

No one likes to think too far ahead, however when that time arrives, taking care of an ageing parent or loved one can be challenging, both emotionally and physically.

Therefore many adult children and retirees themselves, consider the option of moving to a retirement village. This can be for reasons such as peace of mind, knowing that whatever the future holds, a retirement village will be able to help.

We recently spoke to Gillian Sissens, daughter of 87-year-old Ken and Doreen Warwick, who are two of our residents at Maynard House – the independent living apartments within our Moat Park retirement village.

Gillian tells us why she considered Maynard House to be the right move for her parents and why it provides them all with support and reassurance.

Whilst mum was at her weekly craft class, she got chatting to her friend, who mentioned she was moving to Maynard House. Mum seemed intrigued to find out more. 

She’s very independent still but my dad is less so, he has early dementia. Mum loved the concept of not only downsizing, but also moving somewhere that would allow her to have her independence and provide support to help with my dad’s needs.

I went to view the available apartments with my dad. We absolutely loved it!  First impressions were how modern the apartments are. The pull cord system added some reassurance too, knowing there’s 24-hour support at hand.

We went home and raved about it to my mum! We visited again, attending a few events – the cheese and wine event as well as one of the coffee mornings.

My mum is very sociable – it was important she got to sample village life firsthand. For us, the events are what set Retirement Villages apart from other retirement villages. We all just knew it would be the right move.

With my parents living at Moat Park village I know dad is safe there, that’s a huge relief for me. They will never get lonely, as there’s a real sense of community.

The village enables my parents to get the most out of life. Dad plays cards every Tuesday and on Fridays he goes to The Moat House whilst mum goes shopping. We know that whilst Mum is out enjoying her independence, dad is being supported by staff with the expertise of caring for someone with the challenges dementia can bring”.