Why moving right now is easy

26th July 2020 - By Sarah Burgess

Let Retirement Villages Group take away your moving worries and guide you smoothly and safely through the journey into your new home. Whatever the reason for moving to a retirement community, Retirement Villages Group can help make that journey worry and hassle-free –…

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A taste of community life right now

29th May 2020 - By Will Bax

The social life in a retirement community right now is obviously missing the usual buzz of coffee mornings, yoga classes, bridge clubs, art groups, boules matches and the long list of other events usually crammed into village diaries at this time of year….

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Keeping communities connected

9th April 2020 - By Will Bax

We’ve been busy thinking of ways to keep our communities, and the wider community, connected through these unsettling times. Our staff have been working hard to support our communities with the implementation of our wellness program ‘Connect’; made possible through our incredible local…

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Benefits of gardening and the great outdoors

19th March 2020 - By Oscar Russell

Getting pleasure from looking at or walking around a beautiful garden is almost as good as actually getting stuck in and doing the gardening yourself. Well, that is if you’re a green-fingered gardening fan! Whether we are from the Alan Titchmarsh school of…

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Best Locations to Retire to in the UK: Spotlight on Wiltshire

26th February 2020 - By Sarah Burgess

A modern-day retirement is quite different to one that may have taken place in several decades ago. Retirees now are relatively healthier, living longer, and relishing the opportunities that retirement offers including travel adventures, exploring new hobbies and pursuits and getting more heavily…

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Retirement and New Year’s Resolutions

28th January 2020 - By Will Crawford

The start of the new year often brings new year’s resolutions, and this is no different for those enjoying a retirement lifestyle. Contrary to popular opinion, new year’s resolutions don’t need to be about stopping habits or denying yourself of life’s indulgences. A…

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A look back at 2019 with Retirement Villages

19th December 2019 - By Sarah Burgess

2019 has certainly been a memorable year for all at Retirement Villages Group, full of new journeys, developments and residents joining our villages. We wanted to take the opportunity to recap on some of the stand-out moments over the last 12 months, before…

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Five reasons to consider a retirement village for your parents

15th November 2019 - By Will Crawford

As our parents grow older and move into their retirement years, it’s natural for us to become concerned about their welfare. Our minds can become filled with questions: Are they lonely, fulfilled, safe? Has their home and garden become too much to maintain?…

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How Have Retirement Trends Changed Over the Past 10 Years?

1st November 2019 - By Oscar Russell

Pensions To begin with, the state pension age is rising. For years, the age that you could claim your state pension was 65 for men and 60 for women. However, as we have better healthcare facilities and healthier diets and lifestyles, life expectancy…

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What do children think it’s like to retire?

17th September 2019 - By Sarah Burgess

Children say the funniest things! They certainly had a lot to say when we brought together a group of five and six year olds, and asked them what they thought what it was like to be older, and what they thought of the…

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Lock Up and Leave: Retirement Living and the Jet Set Lifestyle

5th September 2019 - By Oscar Russell

It was Jack Kerouac that said, “Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn.”  Retirement offers an opportunity to spend longer away from home. Without the limitations of work schedules or commitment…

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The Rise of the Luxury Retirement Village

27th June 2019 - By Will Crawford

The days of visiting grandparents who sit in front of day time television, in burdensome large properties, that are difficult to maintain and don’t meet the needs of an occupant growing older, are on their way out. From our experience, this is quickly…

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Top 7 Things to Do in Retirement

27th May 2019 - By Oscar Russell

Your retirement years are the chance for you to create a wonderful, carefree lifestyle that will bring you a great deal of happiness and the opportunity to let your hair down and try your hand at something new and exciting! At first, you…

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The Benefits of Part Ownership in Retirement

24th April 2019 - By Neil Donaldson

Planning for our retirement years often revolves around the home. Whether you are choosing to seek out a new property with a view to downsize (or ‘right-size’ as we prefer to call it!), be closer to family, or release equity – shared, or part ownership could provide you with…

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Why people are increasingly turning to retirement villages

28th March 2019 - By Sarah Burgess

Previously seen as a niche retirement option, retirement villages are springing up across the country and opening the door to more of us than ever before. Sarah Burgess looks at the fascinating rise of the retirement village. Retirement villages have come a long way since they arrived…

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How to be confident when selecting your retirement home

5th February 2019 - By Will Crawford

Choosing the nature of your retirement, let alone the location, building style and community, can be unnerving. We look at ways you can be more confident when making your retirement choices. Figure out what you can afford This should be the first step you…

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Expect the unexpected at Retirement Villages

12th December 2018 - By Oscar Russell

Owls, Japanese choirs, panto and fashion shoots – 2018 has been a year of fun, surprises and new experiences. You get used to being surprised at Retirement Villages. In fact, you almost prepare for it – if that’s even possible.  Whether it’s an…

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Age is no barrier to choice and nor should retirement be

24th September 2018 - By Sarah Burgess

Two very different stories hit the news in August, yet they shared common themes – freedom and choice. Group Sales and Marketing Director Sarah Burgess takes a look. The sad news that Barry Chuckle had passed away in early August was one that…

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Should we be talking about ‘rightsizing’ not downsizing?

15th August 2018 - By Guy Flintoft

The majority of homeowners are willing to move to a smaller property in order to help fund their retirement, but is ‘downsizing’ a pessimistic way of talking about it? Most over 65s have and will fund their final property and retirement with the…

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When is the ideal time to retire?

15th June 2018 - By Sarah Burgess

Are you a Daniel Day-Lewis or a Robert DeNiro? A Paula Radcliffe or a Martina Hingis? Choosing the right time to retire can be one of the hardest decisions you’ll make. So when is the best time? The sports and movie industries are…

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Are too few of us prepared for retirement?

15th May 2018 - By Will Crawford

Dramatic changes in how we live, work and stop working are presenting some unique challenges for the retirement sector. Our Group Development Director, Will Crawford, shares his thoughts here… There are more options than ever before when it comes to retirement, while changes…

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9 things you didn’t know about our retirement villages

24th April 2018 - By Oscar Russell

Different people will have a multitude of ideas about what a retirement village is (hint: it’s definitely not a care home!), while others may not have a clue. So we’ve devised a handy list of things about retirement villages that might surprise you…

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Should we encourage more pet ownership in retirement?

28th February 2018 - By Oscar Russell

Animals have been our companions for thousands of years, but now we’re beginning to truly understand the positive impacts pets can have on our lives, should we be looking at ways to make pet ownership in retirement easier and less costly? As far…

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Another way to help transform housing and healthcare for all

20th December 2017 - By Andrew Ovey

Housing is in short supply and yet increasing numbers of older residents remain living in under-occupied family homes that are becoming increasingly challenging to maintain. There is also increasing pressure on the healthcare system. In 2015-16 1.3 million people over the age of…

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Writing a new chapter for Retirement Villages

10th November 2017 - By Andrew Ovey

On Friday 29th September, we started the next chapter in Retirement Villages’ Group history when AXA Investment Managers – Real Assets completed the acquisition of the group on behalf of its clients. I’m responsible for AXA IM – Real Assets’ healthcare investment business…

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Reasons to embrace your retirement

31st October 2017 - By Sarah Burgess

I was surprised and saddened to hear a recent survey by the Centre for Ageing Better charity had found that around 50 per cent of UK workers planning to retire in the next five years are not looking forward to their retirement, with…

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Moving’s too stressful!

29th September 2017 - By Sarah Burgess

A study by the Journal of Public Health, which looked at the relocation of retirees found that one-third of people moved house at the age of 65 years and over. Qualitative studies have reported that the maintenance of large properties or gardens, access to local services…

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What will be the catalyst for your retirement move?

31st August 2017 - By Sarah Burgess

As we all grow older, at what stage do we start to re-think where we live?  Is the existing family home too big? Is it too costly?  Have our needs changed? Do we see life differently? Where are our priorities? What of the…

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Retirement villages are nothing new – look around the globe

31st July 2017 - By Sarah Burgess

Retirement villages are a relatively new phenomenon in the UK. Our eldest village – Elmbridge Village – is one of the country’s originals and celebrates its 35th birthday this year. For the vast majority of the population, this lifestyle model still remains unknown…

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Addressing housing and care for our ageing population

22nd June 2017 - By Nigel Welby

Neither Brexit nor the outcome of the recent general election will make any difference to the ageing of our population and the increasing cost of both housing and caring for them. Politicians and society cannot undertake a modern day impersonation of King Canute,…

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Ready to Bretire?

26th April 2017 - By Sarah Burgess

Top ten reasons to stay in the UK Now is a time of great uncertainty in this country for businesses and individuals. However, what is certain is that Great Britain will leave the European Union, with Theresa May triggering Article 50 and delivering…

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High on ambition, but low on delivery for the elderly

13th February 2017 - By Will Crawford

Whilst welcoming the ambition of the Housing White Paper to provide people with the security they need to plan for the future through the provision of more housing, and in particular housing for the elderly, we are disappointed that much needed assistance and…

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Make 2017 the year to future proof your later life

26th January 2017 - By Sarah Burgess

Last year was tumultuous. In June 2016 we voted to leave the European Union, dividing the population and leaving the pound facing a rollercoaster ride as policymakers start the process. In America Donald Trump won the presidential election. Since taking office he has…

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Prioritise retirement housing by giving people the breadth of choice

31st October 2016 - By James Puckering

A report by law firm Pinsent Mason recently acknowledged the huge growth in the retirement housing sector, stating that according to research carried out by the firm planning applications for new retirement developments have increased by 162 per cent in the last five…

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The rise of silver surfers: Are you online yet?

26th August 2016 - By Sarah Burgess

We are seeing a rise in the number of ‘silver surfers’, who are taking full advantage of the internet and using multiple devices in every aspect of their lives. This could be to plan their retirement or browse, shop and bank online. Many…

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Why your retirement property search should be empowering

29th July 2016 - By Sarah Burgess

Planning for retirement is a minefield, not least when it comes to deciding what to do about your property situation. We know from the many anecdotal stories we hear in our villages that many people continue as they are for many, many years,…

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Top five quirky ‘Try Before You Buy’ schemes

24th June 2016 - By Sarah Burgess

In our June blog we continue the ‘Try Before You Buy’ theme following the launch of our own initiative last month in several of our communities, which are inviting people to stay overnight and immerse themselves in retirement village life. Try Before You…

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Try Before You Buy: Top ten tips to make the most of your stay

24th May 2016 - By Sarah Burgess

You wouldn’t buy a car before test-driving it or new clothes without trying them on for size, but it isn’t usually practical to actually live in a property before committing to a purchase. However, if you’re thinking about what do and where to…

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Why all retirement villages should be pet-friendly

21st April 2016 - By Sarah Burgess

Moving to a retirement village is a big decision, but for animal-lovers whether or not they can bring their pets with them is often the overriding factor, however attractive the move might be otherwise. Part of the family Nearly ten years ago Graham…

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Independent retirement living – in the news

12th February 2016 - By Sarah Burgess

Here at Retirement Villages, we’ve been creating independent living villages since 1981 – but we’ve recently seen more and more TV programmes and news stories featuring later life living, and the options available to older generations – some fictional, and other which are very…

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Six things to consider in 2016…

21st January 2016 - By Sarah Burgess

The start of a new year is usually a time to take stock and contemplate your plans for the future.  So here are a few things you may wish to consider that could have a really positive bearing on your retirement plans. Estate…

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Your perfect Christmas

11th December 2015 - By Sarah Burgess

Chances are you will probably fall into one or two camps as we race headlong towards Christmas. I hope you have some fun choosing which camp you relate to the most….. CAMP A You find the whole thing tiresome and stressful – buying,…

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No one should be alone this festive season

30th November 2015 - By Sarah Burgess

It’s that time of year again! The festive season is fast approaching and we are all gearing up for what is set to be the busiest time of year for many of us. Evenings spent at parties, catching up with friends and a…

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Living in a retirement village provides peace of mind

1st November 2015 - By Sarah Burgess

Let’s face it, in todays ageing society where people are living longer, at some point families may have an important role in the support and caregiving of a loved one. We recently interviewed Gillian Sissens, daughter of 87-year-old Mr and Mrs Warwick, who…

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Calls to axe stamp duty to help the older generation move

30th September 2015 - By Sarah Burgess

I’ve read so many articles regarding the housing shortage in the UK. Reports that suggest more elderly people moving out of their ‘oversized homes’, and into smaller properties, could help to free up property for families are certainly not making new claims. In…

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The Retired: A Generation of Thrill Seekers

27th August 2015 - By Sarah Burgess

When you’re younger future life decisions consist of things such as, which university course to choose, the career path to take, as well as other significant life choices including marriage and children. Then, as we near retirement, it’s time to dream about our…

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Retirement Villages stars in Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches’

7th August 2015 - By Sarah Burgess

In July, our wonderful Hertfordshire based Castle Village starred in Channel 4’s award-winning current affairs programme, Dispatches. Titled: ‘Pensions and the Price of Growing Old‘, the half an hour episode with journalist and newsreader Michael Buerk, explored the concerning problem of loneliness and vulnerability within…

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Did you realise middle age now lasts until you’re 74?

30th April 2015 - By Sarah Burgess

Working within the retirement sector does inevitably mean that the subject of ageing and the ageing process is a constant source of conversation and one heightened recently by some fascinating insights into longevity from Europe. In case you missed these latest revelations, I…

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Reaching retirement age no longer means giving up work

2nd March 2015 - By Sarah Burgess

Over the past 12 months we have witnessed the increase in people in employment choosing to live in one of our retirement villages. This reflects the bigger UK picture – more men and women are working way beyond retirement age. In fact in…

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Why brands should be paying more attention to retirees

30th June 2014 - By Sarah Burgess

With my sales and marketing hat on I found the latest information on marketing trends among the older generation quite fascinating and wanted to share it with you. As we market to this sector of the population I think we would probably endorse…

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Retirement living does not mean negative living

17th June 2014 - By Sarah Burgess

Why does society automatically associate old age with deterioration? Apart from some of the obvious physical aspects which may naturally decline due to wear and tear, there is plenty that is actually on the up! I wanted to share this BBC article with…

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Times’ columnist flies the flag for retirement living

10th May 2014 - By Sarah Burgess

Are you a Times reader? If so, did you see Saturday’s edition, and more precisely, Janice Turner’s column on page 23? 

If not, here is the start of the article, the rest sits behind the Times’ paywall unfortunately: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/opinion/columnists/article4079830.ece

I really wanted to draw…

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Retirement property needs start to grab the headlines

8th April 2014 - By Sarah Burgess

At last we are starting to see some exposure in the media for retirement property provision and the growing need for more focus to be given to private retirement property as well as Government-funded schemes. We are all aware that the amount of…

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A call for more retirement homes in rural locations

19th March 2014 - By Sarah Burgess

“More villages in rural areas, or closer to the seaside, and some larger properties too, if possible. ”

This was part of the survey feedback from subscribers to one of our recent 
e-newsletters. We asked if purpose-built retirement properties provide value for money and…

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Chancellor misses a trick in his Autumn Statement

9th December 2013 - By Sarah Burgess

Retirement Villages’ trade body, ARCO, the Associated Retirement Community Operators, says the Chancellor missed a trick in his Autumn Statement when it came to provision of UK retirement property.

 Responding to Chancellor George Osborne’s statement, ARCO’s executive director Michael Voges, said: “We are…

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The ‘grey’ voice is getting heard – at last

28th November 2013 - By Sarah Burgess

Is the ‘grey’ voice growing or is it just me? Has the UK woken up to the fact at long last that the population of the British Isles is becoming more top heavy by the day and it can’t be ignored? Cynics may…

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The UK should be ashamed of chronically lonely headlines

21st October 2013 - By Sarah Burgess

It makes me extremely sad to read the BBC’s report on Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s speech about loneliness in Britain. The fact that five million people say the TV is their main form of company is an upsetting state of affairs. The fact 800,000…

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Bungalows are not the complete answer to retirement property

30th September 2013 - By Sarah Burgess

Communities secretary Eric Pickles has called upon local authorities to build more bungalows to stem the need for more elderly housing in the years ahead. His words have hit the headlines because half of all new households created in the coming years will…

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Why older people are so reluctant to downsize

20th August 2013 - By Sarah Burgess

It’s understandable that as people get older, remaining in the family home becomes a natural expectation. The thought of downsizing isn’t such an attractive option – even the word itself sounds negative. A recent poll by YouGov found that of the 445 retired…

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Good activity co-ordinators are an essential part of good care homes

25th June 2013 - By Sarah Burgess

A good activities co-ordinator is a vital resource for any care home provider committed to delivering a good quality of life to their residents, according to the English Community Care Association (ECCA) A view shared by registered charity, the National Association for Providers…

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Britons are not good at financing elderly relatives

11th June 2013 - By Sarah Burgess

As our ageing population continues to get top heavy there’s an interesting report due out shortly from fund management company Black Rock.   It compares the differences in family financial support for elderly relatives across Europe – and it doesn’t appear to show…

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Retirement villages named top retirement communities in the UK

29th May 2013 - By Sarah Burgess

Apologies in advance but this is a blatant shout out for our villages – six of which featured in the top ten of a recent international survey of ‘Best Retirement Communities in the UK’. Independent global website bestretirementdestinations.com ranked five of our villages…

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Make the most of National Care Home Open Day

8th May 2013 - By Sarah Burgess

Retirement care homes are invariably perceived as closed communities – places where you don’t venture until there is a need to.   While it’s understandable, it is also a great shame. People don’t get to know or experience the heart of a care…

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Over 55s lead the digital push

29th April 2013 - By Sarah Burgess

Over 55s were the largest demographic sector of the UK population to increase their online usage last year, according to ComScore http://econsultancy.com/uk/blog/62338-stats-time-to-reassess-and-redefine-silver-surfers   A large proportion of this increase, says the ComScore report, was a direct result of the Olympics and the vast…

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‘Dementia Friends’ a great step forward

12th February 2013 - By Sarah Burgess

Dementia now affects one in every three people and is growing. It’s not a condition that is going to suddenly disappear overnight. It’s here to stay.   Retirement Villages’ dementia houses are scattered across a handful of our village locations. We see on…

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New retirement village, Charters Village, is ready to open to the public

28th January 2013 - By Sarah Burgess

The property industry received some welcome news last week with property sales hitting a five-year high, according to HMRC. And even Friday’s gloomy GDP figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) couldn’t pour complete cold water on the construction industry with news…

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Everyone needs good neighbours – especially as you get older

30th November 2012 - By Sarah Burgess

I read the recent findings of the Age UK survey on neighbourliness with astonishment. It’s difficult to comprehend that seven per cent of the older people polled (equivalent to 721,000 individuals) said they did not know their neighbours. Reasons given by the over…

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Snoring ‘can boost retirement cash’

10th October 2012 - By Sarah Burgess

I wanted to share this item with you. If you haven’t read or heard about it before, research has uncovered that heavy snorers are able to pick up higher annual incomes through annuities. Anyone who has sleep apnoea, of which snoring is a…

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Esther Rantzen’s Silver Line support is to be applauded

1st October 2012 - By Sarah Burgess

Congratulations to Esther Rantzen for inspiring and supporting an invaluable initiative for the older generation.   Everyone has heard of Childline; now everyone’s favourite campaigner has put her weight behind Silver Line, a phone service for older people who feel lonely and want…

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Over age drinking in a retirement village

14th September 2012 - By Sarah Burgess

Did you catch Panorama this week? Headlined ‘Old, Drunk and Disorderly?’ it tackled the issue of alcohol abuse among the older generation and made excellent viewing.   Joan Bakewell, the government’s former voice for older people, was Panorama’s roving reporter and gave the…

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Hats off to our older workforce!

3rd September 2012 - By Sarah Burgess

Two out of three older employees want to keep working up to or past their pensionable age, says a study by independent think tank, the Resolution Foundation. http://www.resolutionfoundation.org/publications/   The think tank argues that there has never been a better time or a…

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You’re never too old to play ping pong!

7th August 2012 - By Sarah Burgess

In the Olympic month it’s only fitting we should pick up on this sports theme. Have you heard about a brand new film that tracks eight pensioners from across the world as they compete in the World Table Tennis Championships? The film is…

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Retirement Villages on Radio 2 with Jeremy Vine

17th May 2012 - By Sarah Burgess

I very much enjoyed my encounter with Radio 2’s lunchtime presenter Jeremy Vine on Thursday. I was invited onto his programme to discuss the retirement village concept in light of new research which suggests residents of such communities live longer and healthier. Jeremy…

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How retirement villages relate to Melanie Reid’s Times’ column

11th April 2012 - By Sarah Burgess

Thank you to Melanie Reid, one of The Times’ most capable and respected journalists. Her article at the weekend entitled “Growing old never used to worry me but my accident has changed all that” unbeknowingly captures the spirit of our own retirement villages….

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Government scheme welcomed

19th March 2012 - By Sarah Burgess

The Government’s NewBuy Guarantee feels like a positive step forward, even for developers like us who sit near the top of housing chains. The initiative is aimed at people wanting to buy a new build home who are unable to fund a deposit…

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