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At Retirement Villages Group our vision for the UK is that, as a society, we begin to recognise that retirement is about starting a new, thriving and rewarding chapter in our lives– a time to focus on what makes us happy.

We want you to enjoy life to the full as part of one of our communities.To achieve this we focus on reducing the worries and stresses which, in turn, allows you to focus on making the most of your retirement.

Active living
Our communities are specially designed to help promote independent and enjoyable lifestyles. We have a wide range of amenities on offer across all 16 of our villages that help make day-to-day life a little easier, freeing our residents up to engage with community life and focus on doing what makes them happy.

Our villages are designed to support you getting the most out of your retirement. With direction and input from the Residents Associations, each village offers a wide range of activities, events and amenities, for you to make the most of - whenever you wish.

Help when it’s needed
We encourage anyone over the age of 55 to make the move to a retirement community in order to embrace the lifestyle and its benefits as early into retirement as possible. The benefits are still abundant if you’re coming into community living at a later stage in life too and we appreciate that information around the accessibility of care provisions may be of greater interest. Following is an outline of how and when Retirement Villages Group gets involved with care provisions as part of retirement community life.

Domiciliary care
You, or your partner may develop the need for a bit of extra support from time to time at which point our Village Team would be able to assist with arranging additional home care, or ‘domiciliary care’ through an external provider. We can make recommendations and help with the arrangements for domiciliary care services, but as it isn’t something we provide directly, these services would need to be paid for privately by the resident. Alternatively, our residents are free to make any arrangements with Social Services directly, should they be eligible.

First response
All our villages have a dedicated team of staff on duty operating within standard business hours who can provide support with such things as liaising with GPs and assisting with prescription needs and delivery. In addition, all of our residents have access to a 24-hour careline support service that is able to provide first response in emergency situations, should it be needed.

Care homes
Some of our villages are situated nearby residential care home facilities, which if located within the village grounds, are operated by our specialist care partner HC-One. Although managed separately to our village communities themselves, the care homes may provide additional peace of mind regarding possible future care needs. As with domiciliary care provisions, our Village Teams are able to assist with the arrangements of residential care home provisions currently operated by HC-One.

Making the right choice
When considering a move to a retirement village community, it’s important to think about specific needs. If you, or your family member/loved one, is willing and able to live independently and would appreciate an environment where you’re actively encouraged to engage with activities and social functions, then one of our communities would be ideal. If your needs should evolve over time we will aim to support you as best we can.

Retirement village life is what you make of it and our residents all aim to make the most of the lifestyle we offer, for as long as possible.

If you’d like to talk to one of our team to learn more, or if you have any queries about your own, or your family member/loved one’s personal situation, do feel free to call us on 01372 569637. Alternatively you can email us or fill in our online form.


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