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Identical twins Mary Hudd and Diana Richardson have made scores of similar lifestyle choices during their 60-plus years including their latest decision to both buy a retirement property at Elmbridge Village.

The inseparable sisters have shared so many similarities over the years – from attending the same school and taking a similar career path, to joining local bowls clubs later in life. 

Even married life couldn’t come between them when they both found themselves buying a home just seven doors away from each other in Bramley near Guildford.

Now remarkably, the twins Mary and Diana, and their respective husbands, Roland and Norman, have bought properties at our Elmbridge Village – and guess what, they are seven doors away from each other once again!

“It is a pure coincidence,” explained Mary. “We are very similar people, obviously, and although we don’t consciously set out to do the same or be the same, invariably we find we naturally are and we wouldn’t want it any other way.” 

Mary and Diana chose Elmbridge Village when they started to think about a ‘back-up’ plan. With no children, they have both always known that their support network stops with them when considering what the future may bring.

“It was important to us to know we were settled into a supported environment. We now have this sorted out. Elmbridge is the perfect place for us and we can’t tell you how reassuring that feels” added Diana.

The sisters say the village’s sense of community, varied social calendar and friendly staff, were the key reasons for their decision to downsize from their larger homes and rambling gardens and move to their respective retirement properties.

“I didn’t want to keep running a big home,” added Diana. “There is a real community here, people are so friendly, one feels safe and secure.  I don’t know where the company finds its staff but they are all so charming and helpful. 

“We also like the fact that we can keep up all of our external activities too, such as bowls, and pop into Cranleigh whenever we want to. That’s on top of everything happening in the village which we can join in, if we want to, or one can be a hermit if one wants to!”

The twins would recommend Elmbridge Village life to other people in their position but with one proviso. Mary explains: “We would highly recommend people make the decision to downsize at an age when they are in a position to do it relatively easily so they can get the most out of the move and their new lifestyle.

“We watched our mother leave it too late and we were determined we wouldn’t do the same. One person was horrified when we told them what we were doing in our 60s but everyone else agrees this is a very sensible move.”


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