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When Jim and Margaret Chisholm found Mayford Grange, they knew it was the place for them. Find out more about their journey...

"My wife and I had lived in the village of Horsell for 39 years and it was now 2014. We were both in our 80s.

We had lots of friends about the same age but had noticed over several years that some of them were not coping too well with large houses and gardens and other domestic issues.

We ourselves were not as sprightly as we used to be so it made us think that perhaps the time was coming when we might be in the same boat.

That’s when we decided to make a move.

We then looked at a number of retirement homes in Surrey but each one had something we were not too sure about - until we came across Mayford Grange. It was perfect for us.

The flat was on the first floor, and there was a lift to it if needed. There was plenty of space for the two of us and although there was a restaurant and other facilities onsite, it wasn't over–crowded and the well-tended gardens were beautiful. We had been some villages which were very much larger and we didn’t want that.

So we bought the flat in Mayford Grange and we now have the pleasure of the company of the other residents. We love being involved in village activities, enjoy the meals in the restaurant and believe we made the right decision to move when we did."


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