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For many, when considering moving home in retirement, we automatically assume we need to find a house much like the one we already have, just easier to manage and perhaps a bit more modern in terms of functionality.

Many people spend years working towards the goal of the ‘big house’ or ‘dream house’ and have undoubtedly invested a large deal of money, energy and time into getting it just how they want it. In addition to this many will have raised families in these larger homes, which makes the sentimental attachment far greater, and a part of you always wants to keep space available ‘in the nest’ for visiting family/friends.

However, in reality often the sacrifices made to maintain the ‘big house’ can outweigh the reward of the status of ownership, visits from the family etc.

There’s the issue of both financial and physical strain to maintain it.  Keeping empty rooms clean, decorated, functional is wasted energy. Maintaining a kitchen big enough to accommodate cooking for 10+ people when often it’s mostly accommodating a maximum of two is wasted energy. Paying council tax or heating bills on an oversized property is wasted energy. Sacrificing weekends to tend to the garden, household repairs and admin is wasted energy.

Retirement is YOUR time. Your time to enjoy yourself. Time to reduce the mental and physical load and embrace a less stressful and less chore-driven lifestyle. A time to spend sitting drinking cocktails and dining with friends rather than climbing two storeys up a ladder to repair the guttering.

The majority of our residents make the decision to downsize when moving into our villages. Downsizing can be a very liberating experience, helping to remove a large amount of stress and mental/emotional burden that we inadvertently carry around with us. Not only does choosing a more manageable property mean that it’s easier to maintain independent living, but it may also open doors to be able to move to more desirable locations, perhaps close to friends or loved ones.

Our bungalows are designed to be stylish, comfortable and functional homes, just as our apartments and our 2-3 bed houses. If you’ve not considered a bungalow before, now might just be the time…

There are plenty of options when considering downsizing your home but maximising your lifestyle, including apartments, cottages and other smaller properties to choose from.

We have a number of bungalow properties available in a variety of locations. Why not take a look on our village page to see what’s currently available? Alternatively, you can contact our sales team today and they’ll be able to discuss more options with you. Even better, join us on an open day and experience one of our communities for yourself.


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