Brexit uncertainty and retirement

Charters Retirement Village In West Sussex

Brexit uncertainty isn’t a barrier to your dream retirement lifestyle, and here is why.

The ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Brexit landscape has caused indecisions in many areas. From moving jobs and embarking on new careers or business ideas, putting retirement plans into action, and of course – put a pause on property purchasing decisions, as the general public wait to see how the housing market will be affected post Brexit.

Keep calm and carry on!

Keep Calm Carry on, Retirement VillagesThe decision to leave the EU hasn’t stopped new developments from being built, including those developments specifically aimed at retirees, neither has it prevented houses from coming on to the market – the events that lead to people moving home will not have ceased because of a political move. Life does, in fact, go on, and perhaps we as a nation should revert back to the trusty British ‘keep calm and carry on’ motto.

However, the reasons that people are stalling when it comes to making purchasing decisions are largely down to doubt surrounding house price predictions after we have left Europe.

When it comes to those who have retired and are looking to downsize from their often large homes, to a property that is more suited to their requirements in both size and design, or who want to reside in communities alongside like-minded people, or move closer to children or grandchildren, waiting indefinitely simply isn’t a viable option. This rings particularly true for those people who are looking to move to retirement developments that also offer onsite care, should it be required now or in the future.

Currently people in this position are finding themselves affected by a lack of confidence further down the chain and the annual growth rate slowed suddenly, as buyers let their Brexit fears prevent them from making purchasing decisions. Would-be buyers are choosing to sit on their hands and wait for a solid outcome to be announced before making commitments to decisions as big as buying a new home, and homeowners are finding that they are having offers put forward far below the asking price.

As the number of British people retiring to sunnier European climes has fallen since the Brexit decision was made, and are choosing to instead, to opt for more desirable locations within the UK, it is vital that retirement village operators implement solutions that make purchasing a retirement property increasingly accessible. At Retirement Villages, we wanted to remove as many of the blocks presented by Brexit as we could when it came to retirees realising their dream retirement lifestyle, because in our eyes, Brexit isn’t a barrier.

Part Exchange

The collapse of housing chains shouldn’t result in your retirement move being abandoned or delayed. Neither should your equity be swallowed up by traditional estate agent fees, especially at a time when equity may have been negatively impacted because of the Brexit decision.

Part exchange serves to counter-act the current uncertainty in the housing market by guaranteeing the sale of your property. An efficient, timely and reliable process sees valuations obtained, once received, we will make an offer within 48 hours, if accepted, we organise the necessary surveys that lead to the offer being confirmed.

The property is now sold, and contracts can be exchanged in as little as 42 days. You can learn more about the benefits of part exchange from our residents who took advantage of this offering at Elmbridge Village in Surrey.

What’s more, we have several experienced and knowledgeable partners who offer a variety of services including part-exchange and an assisted move service, taking care of every detail for you and helping to make the moving process as easy as possible.

In a time where very little is known with regards to the future of property prices and the property market – this partnership offers complete transparency and peace of mind. You can find out more about our part-exchange service here.


A recent survey that we conducted found that attitudes surrounding renting in retirement have changed, and on the whole, the number of renters in the UK is growing – possibly down to the lack of wanting to commit to purchasing a property.

Those in retirement are breaking the mould when it comes to the traditional thinking around owning a home. By avoiding tying up equity in a new property, individuals are putting it towards the things in life that bring joy and fulfilment, such as making memories with family and friends, enjoying holidays or putting grandchildren through university.

Of course, residents that choose to rent a home with Retirement Villages still have full access to all of the wonderful facilities such as the village clubhouse, lounge, restaurant and bar – not to mention the acres of landscaped gardens and maintenance-free living.

This creates a new opportunity when it comes to the choices available for moving into a retirement property. At Retirement Villages, we operate two rental options; the first is a Rent to Buy scheme. Once contracts have been exchanged and a 10% deposit has been received you can enjoy – 6 months rent-free in your new property. A period of 6-24 months see’s you pay full rent until completion.

Rent to Buy removes the time pressure with regards to the sale of your existing home and allows a rent-free grace period.

Our second rental offering is long-term rental. Perfect for those individuals who are reluctant to make a commitment to purchasing a retirement property in the current climate. We offer a minimum of 12-months assured shorthold tenancies, which includes access to the full use of the village facilities on offer, and of course – no stamp duty to pay! Full details on the scheme are available from our sales consultants.

To make our villages and properties more accessible, we have introduced a number of incentives in some of our villages. For instance, at our locations that are undergoing further development, buyers have the opportunity to purchase off-plan.

Buying a new home off plan provides an opportunity to choose the views you would like, the distance you would like to be from the village club house, and even what the landscaping and paths will look like! What’s more, is when you buy off plan, you are entitled to a service-charge holiday for the first year in your village home, leaving you with extra spending money to make your first 12 months in a retirement village, a memorable one!

In our villages where new developments have recently been completed, we have created bespoke ‘new homes’ packages. This package includes paid stamp duty, covered legal fees, no removal costs and paid estate agency fees, for an example of the savings that you could benefit from, please see here. The fear of uncertainty can often leave those who would like to downsize, questioning if it is the right decision. Many are concerned about losing their gardens or leaving communities that they have been a part of for a number of years. That is why retirement villages offer residents far more than thoughtfully designed and built properties. The chance to explore new friendships, locations and hobbies in supportive communities with landscaped gardens and onsite facilities means that a move to a retirement village property is about so much more than bricks and mortar.

As we stated previously, Brexit isn’t a barrier, it’s creating new pathways for retirees to embrace a move to a new community and relish in a unique retirement lifestyle.