White Paper on National Care Service still begs the same questions

Blog posted

6th April 2010

The Government’s Care and Support White Paper published this week sounds amazing on paper and is surely to be welcomed (updated). But it still throws up many of the same unanswered questions as the Green Paper did last summer.

The idea of a National Care Service, phased in three stages, sounds excellent and will be welcome news to a burgeoning population, particularly those who know they may very soon have a real need for this service.

But what about now? What about the social funding deficit which is growing by the day? This isn’t going to disappear with the wave of a White Paper magic wand.

Although we are a private sector provider we work closely with local authorities and can see on a regular basis how funds and resources are continually being drained or cut back.

While we all know how essential this longer term plan is, the Government mustn’t take its eye off the problem which sits right under its nose today. If it does it will have implications on a local and national level.

Paul Walsh
Managing Director, Care Division