Village living can add two years to your life

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10th August 2010

Village residents are outliving townies, according to a report in the Mail recently. While the report talks about villages in their generalist term, I’ve read the article and agree that it applies just as much to a retirement village – in fact, I’d go as far to say, that life is even better in a retirement village!

Clean air, green spaces and the opportunity for healthy exercise are cited as top reasons for village living being one better than urban living and that is so true.

The report misses one important issue though – isolation. Villages can become quite lonely places, particularly for the older population who see working families go off to the office and school for the day.

As post offices and other village facilities have reduced their opening hours or closed altogether, some villages have lost a little of their heart and their community feel and people, particularly those at the old end of the age spectrum, can feel a little isolated.

Not so at a retirement village where demand for facilities and activities means life continually revolves around socialising and having fun. Making friends and new acquaintances becomes a daily occurrence and the risk of isolation is minimised.

Interestingly enough, I found this Australian website the other day which talked about top tips for living longer. Number four on the top tips list was staying connected and having plenty of good friends around you. It’s worth reading the article, especially if you’re a man as the article also suggests men should get married in later years as this could prolong their lives by up to another seven years. I couldn’t possibly comment!

What are your thoughts on living longer? Is there a secret recipe or is it just down to the luck of the draw? Welcome your comments…

Sarah Burgess
Sales and Marketing Director