The Internet opens up a whole new world for the older age group

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16th February 2011

You’re never too old…how many times do we all hear these words during our lifetime? Even so, they remain as true today as the very first time they were spoken.

And if you ever needed evidence, watch this YouTube video:

The Internet has opened up a whole new world and one which the older age group is wasting no time in getting to grips with. In some instances, they’re even leading the field.

Our own RV residents support this trend – email, Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn and even Twitter are some the communication tools they use to stay in touch with family, as well as friends and neighbours in the village.

Some of our savvy villagers have gone a step further and designed their own community website.

IT classes continue to be oversubscribed as the thirst for social media and Internet knowledge grows among our villagers and that’s fantastic – this is certainly one fashion where age plays no part and the 60-plus sector are setting the trend, rather than following it.

 And for those who find Google and YouTube a little perplexing, there’s Silver Surfers’ Day to look forward to.

This year there will be a week of activities highlighting digital technology and how to make it more accessible for the older age group. Find out more at:

Sarah Burgess
Sales and Marketing Director