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26th April 2017

Top ten reasons to stay in the UK

European FlagNow is a time of great uncertainty in this country for businesses and individuals. However, what is certain is that Great Britain will leave the European Union, with Theresa May triggering Article 50 and delivering official notification to EU President Donald Tusk via the UK’s Ambassador to the EU, Tim Sparrow.

We now have two years to unpick ourselves from years of EU regulation and strike a beneficial trade agreement. The clock is ticking but ‘divorce’ negotiations are yet to begin and once they do it will be far from a done deal.

In addition Theresa May has called a snap general election, perhaps because the Brexit manoeuvring of opposition parties forced her into the decision. Or maybe she just wants an increased majority in Parliament to deliver Brexit on her own terms? Confused yet? 

Status of EU nationals in the UK and British expats living abroad

One of the main issues of Brexit uncertainty is, of course, the status of both EU nationals living in this country and British expats who have made their home in Europe. What will happen when we leave? Will they be allowed to stay or forced to leave? 

This uncertainty, combined with the weak pound, means that overseas destinations in Europe may be less appealing to UK retirees. These include countries such as the ever-popular Spain, which is home to approximately 90,000 of the 190,000 who have worked in Britain but retired in Europe.

Of course, it also means that retired expats already living in European countries are worrying about their future, as many are longstanding residents and have created whole new lives for themselves.

Does Brexit mean Bretirement?

Indeed, a recent poll found that UK retirees are less willing to move abroad after the Brexit vote and are now considering a ‘Bretirement’, as reported by The Guardian.

According to the research, 41 per cent of those over 50 years old who were previously thinking of retiring to continental Europe were now “less likely to move following Britain’s decision to leave the EU”.

Health serviceLosing access to the NHS was the chief concern, as stated by nearly two thirds of respondents. In addition, nearly a quarter of those stated said they were worried about a lack in suitable options for care in later life.

At Retirement Villages, we have experienced a rise in website traffic since the referendum, which seems to support this theory. Naturally people in later life seek stability and security and, at least until we clarify the terms of Brexit, they won’t find this by retiring to Europe.

Good old Blighty!

This got us thinking. Yes if you retire abroad you may benefit from cheaper living costs and better weather, but Britain has lots to offer retirees too. Here is our top ten reasons to stay put:

  1. Culture: The UK boasts some of the best museums, theatres, cinemas, art galleries, carnivals, performing arts festivals, music and even sports teams in the world. It is a unique and exciting country to explore.
  1. Scenery UKNatural beauty: For the outdoor types Great Britain has everything from winding rivers and rocky mountains to deep forests and long stretches of beautiful coastline. Most of our retirement villages are located in the rolling English countryside, perfect for those who want to stay active in later life.
  1. History: Each and every corner of this country has a rich and interesting history dating back thousands of years, which is evident wherever you go. Just walking down the street can turn into an impromptu history lesson as you pass ancient churches, properties and event castles.
  1. The economy: Britain has the sixth largest economy in the world – it’s huge. Despite the economic downturn businesses are still growing and people are finding work. If you’re retired this means bustling town centres stay bustling!
  1. Thatched Pub UKPubs and restaurants: We have some of the best food, wine and beer in the world here, served by venues ranging from fine dining eateries to rustic country alehouses. Check out the Good Pub Guide!
  1. Transport links: The UK has 24 commercial airports and excellent road and rail networks. This makes domestic and international travel easy, whether it’s to visit family or friends or go on holiday.
  1. Healthcare: We have access to the National Health Service and free healthcare, which is not something to be found in many other countries. Britain also boasts some truly brilliant hospitals and is a world leader when it comes to medicine and research.
  1. The people: Those who live in the UK are renowned for their welcoming nature and kindness whether they’re from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. And who can forget our dry sense of humour? This is a place where you can make lifelong friends very easily.
  1. Language: Although some people enjoy the challenge of moving to another country and learning to speak the local lingo from scratch, retiring in the UK means you won’t have to, provided you speak English of course!
  1. The QueenThe Royals: Love them or loath them Queen Elizabeth II, who celebrated her 91st birthday this month, and the Royal Family are here to stay and represent an ancient British institution that continues to this day. We are one of just a few countries that still have a monarchy!

In addition, if you choose to live in the UK when you retire you could always buy a holiday home abroad to get the best of both worlds. This lock up and leave scenario is a growing trend within our retirement villages.