Moving into a retirement community – what’s right for you? 

Mike Pettet

Blog posted

4th March 2019 Resident Blogger

Retirement Villages Group

When they read my first blog some readers may have thought – “We have a level garden”, “All the facilities we need are not very far away”, “Our friends are all nearby”.  I can quite understand but what about when you grow older or, sadly, you find yourself on your own in that nice house you’ve lived in for many years that holds so many memories for you? Will you be able to continue to live as you used to?  Will you be able to keep your garden in its same state without help?  Is it worth keeping the whole house heated when you’re not occupying most of it?  And being realistic, how many of your friends will continue to be around?

You could relieve yourself of many of these concerns by moving to a retirement community.  There are great differences between these communities, depending on who marketed them.  Some are marketed for the active retired and consequently have minimal care facilities whereas others have full care available.  Some provide residents with full facilities in a communal Club whereas others may only have a lounge with a kettle to make tea or coffee.  Some are within town boundaries so that all services are relatively close whereas others are well out of town.  Another major consideration is the financial side.  How much will it cost to buy into and what are the ongoing costs?  Both of these can vary widely.

Thought must be given to one irrefutable fact – we all get older!  Are you still physically and mentally fit and able?  If so, perhaps a community designed for the active retired would suit you best, enabling you to make use of the facilities and the social life.  Or, are you feeling that you will soon need care? In that case, perhaps you should consider a community that has on-site care.

If you do decide to make the move don’t leave it too late.  The earlier you do it the less effect the stress of moving will have.  Also, the earlier you do it the longer you will be able to enjoy the facilities in your new community and the longer you will have with new friends.  If you don’t move too far from your original home you will still be able to keep in touch with your old friends.