More consideration needed for retirement housing local planning

Blog posted

18th October 2011

Monday (17th October 2011) represented the last day of consultation on the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework.

We sincerely hope the consultation process has taken onboard the growing evidence supporting a more flexible and open-minded approach to housing for the older generation.

As this population grows so will the demand for specialised housing to meet its needs. Mario Ambrosi, head of public affairs at Anchor, takes a similar view: click here to view relating article.

Retirement Villages Ltd is a UK pioneer of the continuing care retirement community (CCRC) model – providing independent privately-owned properties with support on hand to address people’s changing needs.

The CCRC and retirement village models most clearly meet the needs and aspirations of older people to remain independent, to feel securely part of a vibrant, active community and to cater for changing needs as health declines – all of which are priorities for this generation and their families.

The emphasis already given to older peoples’ housing in the National Planning Policy Framework consultation draft is refreshing which is encouraging.

This should at last overcome the reticence of many local planning authorities to recognise the need for and the contribution that such housing can make – a contribution not only to the well being of older people but also to reducing the potential financial burden that ignoring older peoples’ housing will place on the wider society.

Let’s hope the consultation process has served to make this point and the powers that be recognise the need to rethink the planning process. Instead of creating hurdles, planners need to be welcoming specialised schemes for the older population – we now watch this issue with interest.

Jami Puckering
Development Director