As the population ages so does the link between property and health

Blog posted

14th November 2011

It is impossible to deny the fact that property and health go hand in hand among the older population.

Good housing and support can make a massive difference to older people’s independence, health and wellbeing. We see examples of this every day within our villages and have the anecdotal and impartial evidence from village GPs to support this.

A comfortable and secure home, with neighbours, friends and support close by, in a private purpose built retirement village or local authority scheme, will, in most cases, be more beneficial than a single person living in isolation in an oversized family home in the middle of a modern housing estate.

Against this backdrop it’s good to see HBF policy officers working hard to ensure the link between housing and health is pushed further up the Government’s agenda on health service reforms which are in for further review.

Housing providers play a key role in helping the health of the nation. That’s a very broad statement but it has never been closer to the truth. At a time when demand for housing is at its greatest, purpose-built property is essential – and no more so than housing for older people.

Retirement Villages Ltd has long held this view. This month we will be sharing our model with delegates at the NHS Alliance Conference to explain exactly how the retirement village concept, alongside other schemes for the elderly, can play a significant part in this process.

The sooner the Government, local authorities, housing associations, health commissioners, and all related partners, start to recognise this link, the better.

Paul Walsh
MD, Care & Operations