A call for more retirement homes in rural locations

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19th March 2014

“More villages in rural areas, or closer to the seaside, and some larger properties too, if possible.


This was part of the survey feedback from subscribers to one of our recent 

We asked if purpose-built retirement properties provide value for money and 61.5% of respondents said they do while a categoric 100% want to see more properties built!

We also wanted to know if the process of buying a retirement property was confusing. 84.6% said no and of those respondents who fed back that it was, the most confusing aspect listed was the ‘legal jargon’. Our survey respondents also said more could be done to ‘spell out the difficult areas up front’.

This is constructive feedback for us and other retirement property providers across the UK. We endeavour to be consistently transparent with all legal aspects of our property purchases, displaying full costs and breakdowns. There’s a dedicated section for each village on our website and a general Q&A page too.

Finally, we asked what are the main reasons for considering this lifestyle and the answers were akin with what our existing residents are already telling us: 
- security 
- to be closer to family 
- worry-free lifestyle 
- no more gardening and outside maintenance 
- friendly atmosphere
- community aspect 
and, we particularly liked this one: ‘neighbours who don’t kick footballs against my wall’!

This was another insightful survey and provides us with more useful feedback to ensure we continue to consider and meet, where we feasibly can, the expectations of this generation when it comes to their private retirement property purchase.

In answer to the call at the top of this article, for more retirement villages in rural locations, well, we hope we are already addressing this with a number of rural settings in Cornwall, Devon and Warwickshire to list just three.

We run regular surveys through our e-newsletter as well as village news and views. If you want to keep yourself posted, you can sign up by following the instructions towards the bottom of our website home page.

Sarah Burgess