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At Retirement Villages, our team are an integral part of what makes our communities so strong. Whether you’re a resident or a loved one, you'll get to know your local team as friends.

And with the launch of our new marketing suite at The Wyldewoods on 13th May, we thought it was the right time to introduce you to the team over there. Starting with Patrick, the General Manager of The Wyldewoods community.

Patrick is not just a figurehead; he's the heart and soul behind the vibrant life you'll find at The Wyldewoods. His near 40-year experience in the Later Living sector, combined with a dynamic vision for the community, makes him uniquely equipped to create a nurturing and engaging environment for all residents.

Patrick’s journey in care and the community

Patrick's entrepreneurial spirit led him to own and operate care homes and children's nurseries for twenty years, where he wore many hats, from maintenance to marketing. This hands-on experience has helped him understand what truly makes a community thrive - the happiness and satisfaction of its residents.

In this industry, your job is always more than just a job - it’s an opportunity to make a meaningful difference to people's lives.

In 2004, Patrick joined BUPA. Here, he took the helm at long-term care facilities, where he created vibrant communities for independent, like-minded older adults. When he became regional director here, he found that, “One of the most rewarding parts of the role was nurturing my teams’ ability to connect with and understand the residents' unique aspirations and needs.”

We’re incredibly excited to have Patrick on the team where his passion and expertise for cultivating happy, thriving communities can truly flourish.

Why The Wyldewoods? A vision for vibrant living

The draw of The Wyldewoods was irresistible to Patrick. He’s excited to make the residents themselves part of the conversation so that they can help shape their own community, from societies to events to initiatives and more.

And beyond that, Patrick is excited to bring The Wyldewoods’ residents closer to the surrounding community - “from talking to existing residents, we know how much they enjoy being integrated with the wider community. To us, The Wyldewoods is making that even more possible by creating shared spaces where everyone wants to be.”

His vision for The Wyldewoods is clear: to transform it into a hive of activity and inclusivity, a place where the community isn't just a place to live, but a hub to enjoy life to the fullest.

We’re making a vibrant place for people of all ages.

The Wyldewoods promises an array of facilities and activities that cater to everyone. From art and pottery classes to pilates and thematic dining experiences, Patrick is committed to creating a space where everyday is an opportunity to explore new hobbies, enjoy high-quality living whilst being surrounded by a safe and secure community.

Innovative tenure options: flexibility and security

And the exciting launch of our Marketing Suite isn’t the only thing we’re celebrating. We’re also thrilled about the launch of our brand new home ownership option – launching at The Wyldewoods. I can’t say too much just yet, but what I can tell you is it’s affordable, certain and simple – and no other local retirement living operator is currently offering it!

Across our Thrive Living communities residents will now be available to take advantage of all that comes with owning a retirement property with lower weekly management fees and without all the stress and worry of what happens to the estate when it’s time to sell on. With a guaranteed repayment agreed at the time of sale, residents can be certain of the amount they will receive once the property is sold. We’ll also manage the resale process and cover the fees -  and the best bit, management fees will stop after just 2 months notice. 

I’m really excited about renting in our community too. We’ve improved our rental package giving our residents even more value and flexibility including a minimum 6 month contract, certainty of a fixed monthly charge and an all-inclusive utilities package. ,” says Patrick. “It’s all part of our commitment to offer everyone in our community choice - so you that you can make the right decision for you, without having to compromise.

As we open our Marketing Suite, we invite you to come and take a look - discover the vibrant, secure and friendly community that awaits you at Wyldewoods.

Remember, at Wyldewoods, you're not just moving to a new home; you're stepping into a community where life is rich, connections are strong, and the future is bright.

Why not come and see for yourself, get in touch today by signing up below. 

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