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Maternity Presentation Of Baby Blankets 12.10.22

Knit & Natter is a staff and resident volunteer group in Park Place retirement community. They originally came together through a shared love of knitting but decided to put their skills together for a good cause.

The Knit & Natter team answered an appeal from the local Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Boston & Lincoln hospitals to provide blankets for premature babies. The team, who meet fortnightly, has worked tirelessly to make 170 baby blankets. The blankets have to be knitted to a specific size and mustn’t have any holes that tiny fingers and toes could get through. The blankets are incredibly important as premature babies can struggle to regulate their heat so require extra blankets for warmth while they are staying in the unit.

This week the team was able to attend the unit and deliver all the blankets to staff, who were grateful for the team’s hard work and gift. Louise Smith, Village Manager, commented, “I’m so proud of everyone involved in this group. What started out as a regular catch-up over a shared hobby for some of the residents has turned into an amazing community project that will help so many different people. The team already has plans for another community project and is in search of wool to keep knitting for the wider community.”

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