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Ann Phillips moved to Guildford with her family in 1965. Once their children had grown up and left home, Ann and her husband moved into a two–bedroom flat in Burpham.

After the passing of Ann’s husband, she realised she was living too far away from her daughter, her flat was too large, and loneliness was emerging.

Ann said: “I now live in a one-bedroom apartment at Elmbridge Village, which I bought. I was one of the first to move into the Elmbridge Manor properties. It’s incredibly lovely and it’s so nice to be overlooking the croquet grounds.” 

She added: “I came here to be closer to my daughter. She visits very often and emails and phones nearly every day. She’s always here when I need her. And she was also the one who told me to consider a retirement village, as she knew I was spending a lot of time on my own.”

There is so much to gain when you move into a retirement village, a community feeling definitely being one of them.

And there are also added gains when you choose a one-bedroom apartment, such as an opportunity to declutter, enjoy less maintenance and cleaning, and lower bills.

But mostly importantly, with two daughters, six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, Ann didn’t want to compromise on space. She wanted her home to still be welcoming to her visitors.

Ann explained: “It’s definitely big enough, I didn’t have to declutter all that much either, as the space is very well designed, and every room feels spacious. I loved the views from this flat and there was no need for me to have two bedrooms.

“If I have a guest that wants to stay over, they can take advantage of the guest room which is very nice and accommodating.”

It’s also a huge relief for Ann to have onsite care facilities that she can use as and when she needs.

Ann said: “The care facilities are fantastic, and the staff are too. There’s always someone here to help – they’re just very pleasant and so helpful, it makes all the difference.”

Ann’s daughter feared for her mother’s impending loneliness but after visiting Elmbridge Village, it was an easy choice for them both. They recognised the sense of community and particularly the beautiful walking spots.

The Cranleigh retirement village includes a stunning multi-million-pound central clubhouse for the exclusive use of residents where many of the activities take place.

Ann said: “I settled in so smoothly from the beginning and I just love it here. I’d advise anyone moving to a retirement village to make the effort to go out and meet other people.

“I’m involved in so many activities. I’m a regular at the coffee mornings where I love to meet people and chat.

“I also joined Bridge Club, Scrabble and Book Club. You don’t have to be lonely, there’s lots of chances to make friends whilst keeping your brain and interests fed.  

“The people around you are so helpful and offer a lot of – companionship – that’s the best thing about the village.”


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