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Mrs Baverstock moved to The Priory with her late husband David, having lived in rambling detached homes ‘in the middle of nowhere’. The couple enjoyed ultra-modern living in a Far Eastern apartment block under endless blue skies before deciding to move back to the UK permanently.

Mr and Mrs Baverstock bought an historic two bedroom apartment, rumoured to have been a Reverend Mother’s home at The Priory. which, according to Mrs Baverstock: “turned out better than we ever envisaged. “As the name suggests, The Priory was originally home to an order of nuns.

“We wanted a home we could visit but lock up and leave while we were abroad. We’d lived in the Devon area for 38 years and our family are here so that’s where we started looking.”

The couple knew nothing about retirement communities but found The Priory on the internet. Their daughter visited the third floor apartment and thought it was perfect.

“The apartment is in the old Priory building so its surrounded by original features. We have the bell tower outside our door.”

The couple only spent a few months each year at The Priory for the first four years of owning their apartment and they enjoyed the security of knowing while they were abroad their apartment was being looked after. They then decided to make the wholesale move back to the UK and that’s when they really began to get involved in village life.

As a couple, the Baverstocks enjoyed ballroom and Latin dancing at groups in the local area. David continued to work in a consultancy capacity and enjoyed golf whilst Mrs Baverstock was secretary of the Residents Association (and is now Chair Person) and actively involved in the gardening club.

“We have plenty of visitors and every one of them has been blown away by this place,” said Mrs Baverstock. “It’s the perfect place for a new start. You can’t help but make friends, it happens automatically.”


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