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Birds Of Avonpark Tiny

The residents of Avonpark have been painting some of the local wildlife as part of their regular art club that takes place every month.

Sat atop a hill with beautiful views of the Avon Valley and down into Bath, the grounds of this community attract a lot of wildlife including, birds, foxes, and even the odd deer. The members of art club have used these as their inspiration. The topic for the month has been “Birds of Avonpark”. The residents did watercolour paintings of Blue Tits, Sparrows, Barnowls, and even a Greater Spotted Woodpecker, who is known to live in the woodland on the grounds.

Art club is led by Shirley Gill, a resident of the community, and takes place once a month. Some of the members have never painted before and some haven’t picked up a brush for a long time. But everyone is welcome to have a go, improving their skills along the way. The club provides a great opportunity for like-minded residents to get together and be creative.

James Grundy, Village Manager, comments, “The painting are stunning and we have been displaying them around the village.”

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