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The grand mansion house that is home to the Castle Village clubhouse has a beautiful ballroom where the community has been hosting a series of concerts to support local musicians.

Sylvia Murphy, 84, has lived at Castle Village for four years as a retired professional musician she wanted to share her love of music with others and has organised a series of concerts with the local community coming to Castle and performing for the residents.

At Christmas, she organised a collaboration with the Salvation Army and they performed a concert to help raise funds for their Christmas appeal. During her career, Sylvia taught flute for almost 30 years and she wanted to give young musicians an opportunity to perform.

She has organised an annual concert with the Purcell School, which is based locally in Hertfordshire. The performance included a donation to school funds to help more students and young adults enjoy music. With plenty more things planned, it’ll be a busy year for concerts in the Ballroom Sylvia predicts.

Karen Rae, Village Manager, commented, 

Sylvia is an incredibly passionate musician, the concerts she has organised have been loved by residents, and watching the performances was hugely enjoyable. It’s great that we’ve been able to work with the wider community and invite others to share the community that we’ve built at Castle Village
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