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The team and residents hosted a successful open day at Debden Grange in Essex today. More than 20 new faces visited to experience Debden for the first time today.

The sun shone brightly, all morning, allowing the team to open the restaurant door showing off the fabulous terrace space for everyone that visited. With an Easter-themed coffee and cakes buffet in full swing, the sales team took guests on tours of the properties and extensive grounds.

There’s such a lot to see at Debden with facilities including the library, hairdresser, and bistro all located in the clubhouse. Outside there’s lots of green space and a bowling green for tournaments.

Residents joined the event too, chatting with guests and sharing their experiences of living at Debden Grange. Community is such an important part of life in the village and the residents really bring this to life.

Tom Lee, Village Manager, commented, “Seeing the bistro buzzing and full energy with lots of new faces is very inspiring. At Debden Grange, we are here to help people live the life they choose with a supportive community around them. That’s what open days our all about.”

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