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There’s a new class on offer for the residents at Gradwell Park and it’s got everyone moving to the music on a Friday morning. Swoove Music, which takes place in the communities gym, is a new fitness class that involves singing while exercising. To Swoove is to sing, whoop and move!

After the warm-up session, the class involves a range of music to get you moving and singing, finally, there’s a cool-down session to finish things off. It is well known that singing can help you burn calories, so by combining exercise and singing you get an extra workout. Singing and generally exercising your vocal cords can also help with lung capacity and shortness of breath as well as strengthen the abdominal muscles so has huge benefits for your overall health.

This all-over workout is great fun and has proved popular in the community already. The class is led by a trained instructor who helps to set the right pace for everyone attending. Janet Stead, Gradwell Park’s Wellbeing Coach, comments,

I wanted to provide something a bit different for residents to get involved with in the village and Swoove has done that for us. On a Friday I can hear the whooping coming from the gym, residents sound like they’re really enjoying themselves and always come out laughing afterwards.
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