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Ian & Jean

Jean and Ian moved more than 250 miles from a little village in Yorkshire to West Sussex when they decided to make Gradwell Park their home.

Both of them are in their seventies and we’re looking for somewhere to continue living independently, that had extra care and support should they need it now or in the future. On their initial visit to Gradwell Park, they were made to feel so welcome by the team they didn’t really want to look anywhere else. Their chosen apartment is on the ground floor, as Jean likes to sit out and admire the views from the patio. The space is bright and airy so gives her a sense of calm to start the morning.

Whilst they both enjoy the peace and quiet, being in nature at the community affords them, they have also found plenty of things to get involved in with other residents.  Jean learned to play the piano as a child. After sharing this with some other residents she was invited to join the choir which meets every week. There is also wellness classes and the gym to visit, plus a host of trips organised to enjoy and explore the local area.

Reflecting on their move, Jean comments, “To sit here in the peace and quiet with all the beautiful surroundings and not have to lift a finger is just bliss”

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