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The residents at Elmbridge village have been knitting sunflowers for the Ukraine.

The initiative started in the clubhouse one afternoon last week. A group of residents got together and decided to put their knitting needles to use on some sunflowers. The residents have been busily knitting ever since, they’ve made about 75 sunflowers so far. Many of the residents are keen knitters and some are picking the needles up for the first time, but there is a really sense of community in the clubhouse with everyone joining in and supporting a good cause together.  Each one has a yellow and blue ribbon stitched to it, the colours of the Ukraine flag.

The sunflowers have been put on sale in the clubhouse reception and any donations will go towards the wider efforts to support the Ukraine appeal.

 Kelvin Glen, Village Manager, commented, “I’m proud to be part of a community that pulls together and helps others like this. Watching everyone busily working has created a fantastic buzz in the club house.”

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