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Les and Margaret are well settled at Debden Grange. Both in their ninety’s they moved to Debden Grange almost two years ago now. It was a very big decision for them and their daughter.  Their daughter Julia was very influential during their move to the community. They are all so pleased with life at Debden Grange, it’s been a revelation and they wish they’d done it sooner.

Les and Margaret hadn’t expected to move from their family home in Bishop Stortford. But the garden was beginning to get too much, the stairs had become a challenge, particularly for Margaret, and the overall household maintenance was eating into their time and money. They wanted a change and to release themselves from the pressure of it all, so they could get back to enjoying retirement on their own terms.

On their first visit to Debden Grange, the whole family stayed for lunch in the restaurant, as they were having such a great time. Choosing their apartment was easy. They chose a two-bedroom apartment on the second floor as it had a fantastic view of the surrounding countryside, which Les is passionate about. They selected the decor themselves and think the apartment is incredibly airy and spacious. Their worries about having less space haven’t been a problem as when their grandchildren visit they’ve just booked them into the guest suite.

It was just the two of them in their family home over the last few years, Les comments, “Suddenly we were in a party of people, it’s fantastic.”. Margaret is delighted with all the new friends they’ve made and the opportunities to get involved in the community, as much as you want to, and when she doesn’t they have their comfortable apartment to relax in, with a good book or a cup of tea.

The team has been able to give reassurance to Julia, even though she lives locally, that her parents are in safe hands should they need anything. Julia comments, “It’s comforting to know there’s a safety net for mum and dad if they need it.” Nothing is even too much for the team around the village and support is always available.

The family agrees, that it was a choice that has been worthwhile, and Les and Margaret hope to keep enjoying their relaxed retirement lifestyle for years to come.

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