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Bobbie and her partner moved into Debden Grange and we’re completely blown away by the village and the lifestyle on offer.

Debden Grange is one of the newest communities in the Retirement Villages collection. Built on the edge of the village of Newport in Essex. At the heart of the community is a brand-new clubhouse, which is core to life in this village, as Bobbie explains.

Both Bobbie and her partner are accountants who are still working. They use the second bedroom of their property as an office in the daytime. In the evening they can pop over to the clubhouse for a drink and a natter with the other residents – it’s a brilliant way to wind down at the end of the day.

Alongside the bar and restaurant in the clubhouse, there is also a hairdresser and various clubs to join depending on your passion. Bobbie joined the bridge club. She comments, “Having not played bridge before I was pulled in and that was it.”.

Living in Debden has given the couple peace of mind, there is a community that cares around them and supports them should they need it. Something they didn’t have before. Friends and family can visit whenever they choose and they’ve even taken advance of the guest suite to have their grandson stay with them.

Choosing Debden Grange as their home was a brilliant decision for the couple and one that has allowed them to enjoy a different type of lifestyle.

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