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The team at Elmbridge Village hosted a Wellbeing Day for the residents and any friends and guests last week. The day included a range of talks and a superfood buffet.

We all know our health and wellbeing are incredibly important, they can hold the key to remaining fit, active, and independent in your later years. The village team pulled together a group of in-house experts to talk about a number of topics designed to promote wellbeing of our residents.

The talks included a session on keeping active from our chartered physio, benefits of massage from our hair and beauty therapist, footcare and diabetes from our footcare specialist, and finally health eating from our fabulous in-house chef.

After the talks, which were held in the resident’s lounge, our chef laid on a superfood buffet for everyone to enjoy which included a range of different salads and soups to try. There was an opportunity to speak with all the specialists and get personalised advice as well.

Kelvin Glen, Village Manager, commented, “These events are important for new residents who might not realise the extent of services we have available through our wellness centre. Equally, they are important for existing residents, as our health changes, we may have to adjust our lifestyle to stay healthy and active into our later years. That’s what the wellness team is all about, ensuring our residents stay independent as long as possible.”

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