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20th July marked an important event in the Thamesfield resident’s calendar. In fact it was important for all of Henley on Thames and the wider riverside community. It was the date set for the town’s Swan Upping Event.

Swan Upping is an annual event that goes a long way to ensuring the conservation of mute swans across the United Kingdom. The event involves the Queen’s Swan Warden collecting data, assessing the health of cygnets, and examining them. The Royal Swan Uppers, who wear scarlet uniforms, travel in traditional rowing skiffs along the river to make their assessments.

Swans and other wildlife can be badly affected by pollution in waterways. So the day, which has been taking place for hundreds of years, has ecological importance as well as provides an educational interest for local schools.

Thamesfield residents were able to watch the event directly from the communities riverside location. The river was very busy with boats all afternoon while the assessments took place. The village team served an afternoon tea by the river so residents could enjoy the event.

Our Village Manager, commented, “As a riverside community and part of the wider Henley on Thames community it is important to recognise this event and understand the role it plays in keeping our river clean and local swans and other wildlife healthy. Many of our residents have lived in and around Henley all their lives and were keen to watch the event.”

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