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Some of the residents at Castle Village are very passionate about art and meet regularly to paint and draw together. Some members of the community art group are also members of the Berkhamsted Art Society.

The Berkhamsted Art Society is a local group of friendly artists that welcomes artists of all abilities as well as those who have an interest in the arts, painters in any media and craftspeople who are interested in ceramics sculpting and wood carving. The group meets regularly to work together and share their passion, with a full programme of events they are always looking for new places to meet and things to inspire them.

Last month Castle Village played host to a session for the society. 14 members attended the event in the Japanese gardens. It proved to be an inspirational visit with members sketching and drawing the surroundings into the early evening, some of the sketches included the beautiful trees and water feature.

The gardens at Castle Village are open to all residents and provide a great space to relax and walk in the summer months. There’s more formal areas, like the Japanese gardens, and more wild areas like the walking meadows that have views all the way across the valley.

Karen Rae, Village Manager, comments,

It is wonderful residents are able to share their passion for art and use the gardens for inspiration. We have a number of active residents would are very involved in the local community, having the art group visit the grounds is very special for everyone.
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