"We are delighted with our new home at Lime Tree Village, which overlooks a lovely wooded area. The grassed area at the rear of the property is all the more attractive as Retirement Villages' maintenance team takes care of the mowing, leaving us free to enjoy it. Our move here has been very positive as everyone we have met has been friendly, warm and welcoming."

"The physical environment is beautiful, the facilities excellent. This is a reflection of the high standards of all the staff who willingly offer support and help when needed, as well as deal patiently and supportively with the challenges everyone faces when moving to a new home. Finally, there is a wide range of social events and activities to get involved with, many organised by Lime Tree Village’s residents themselves, which makes it easy to get to know people with similar interests.”

Jacqueline Brook, Lime Tree Village, Warwickshire

"My husband Peter and I welcomed our downsize and move to ‘independent living’ at The Priory as we were spending too much time maintaining our home and garden of 20+ years. As a self-employed portrait painter I had always had a studio at home making enamel miniatures to commission. Now I had to find one to rent elsewhere. For almost 4 years I’ve been commuting to Dartington Space about half an hour away. Peter retired some years ago but I doubt artists ever really 'retire'. Apart from making miniatures, I’m making the transition of teaching my skills as well as finally getting round to writing a book for students of enamelling. It’s a bonus to belong to the Priory community which we both find very friendly and pleasant to have shifted the focus of our lives from property to people."

Gillie and Peter Byrom, The Priory, Devon

“The Moat House is very comfortable, fantastic food with so much to do. What’s also great is that I am still close to my daughter so I get to see her regularly.”

Connie Pavelin, Moat House, Essex

“I have been here since June 2001 and have made many lasting friendships. I take delight in organising events and must have managed over 100. I cannot think of a better place to be in my ‘old’ age, which I now consider, at 80+, to have reached!”

Pat Garland, Avonpark Village, Wiltshire

“I feel secure and looked after here and the view from my window over the fields nearby is lovely. I have made a lot of new friends and I enjoy the activities that are put on for us every day.”

Vera Ansell, Moat House, Essex

“This village is perfect for rediscovering things you did in your youth, things you’d forgotten how to do, and even things you never did before.”

David Cawley, Castle Village, Hertfordshire

“It’s lovely living here, everyone is friendly, staff are always there to help you and the house is always kept clean and tidy which when your 100 years old means a lot.“

Doris Brown, Moat House, Essex

“I’m still very independent but knowing the support is here is reassuring.”

Kathleen Gabriel, Park Place, Lincolnshire

“The Moat House is superb. I love it here because I am free to do as I like and I am looked after with confidence, which makes me feel safe and relaxed, I also like getting involved in the daily activities.”

Raymond Sparrow, Moat House, Essex

“When we moved to Cedars Village we found we had bought not just a bungalow but a way of life. You can be as active or as laid back as you wish but there will always be a smile and a welcoming hand.”

Ina Hopkins, Cedars Village, Hertfordshire

“I never worry about walking home at night. I feel safe going to sleep.”

Elsie Hildred, Park Place, Lincolnshire

“I don’t have to worry about a thing being here. It’s reassuring to know there is help at hand but you are free to live your own life with no pressure, and to come and go as you please. I just love it here.”

Catherine Hinman, Thamesfield, Oxfordshire

“It is easy living with security, convenience, comfort, beauty and friendship. It is a very uplifting place.”

Dougie Benson, Castle Village, Hertfordshire

“It’s a wonderful place, I really don’t think I could ask for more. And I love having the company.”

Ann Ayres, Roseland Parc, Cornwall

“It’s made all the difference being here and it makes you feel younger when you start going out and doing things.”

Donald and Dorrie Streeton, Gittisham Hill Park, Devon

“We’re always quick to recommend life in a retirement village. In fact the only advice we give is not to leave it too late. There’s so much to enjoy it would be a shame to miss out. You can’t beat it. We’ve got the lot.”

Mike and Pauline Pettet, Blagdon Village, Somerset

"There’s always so much to do"

Diana Kinch, Lime Tree Village, Warwickshire