Ellie Wheeler, Thamesfield

Ellie Wheeler

Realising the benefits of living at Thamesfield – Mrs. Wheeler’s story.

Great grandmother Ellie Wheeler, 88, moved to Thamesfield from Bray in Berkshire in November 2013.

“My husband passed away in the May and I sold my five bedroom home and moved to Henley in November after my children helped me to find Thamesfield,” explained Mrs Wheeler.

“It all happened very quickly. I gave up five bedrooms for a one bedroom apartment and when I first arrived I have to admit, I did wonder what I had done.

“But after a matter of weeks, I realised why and started to see the real benefit,” explained Ellie. “This is such a lovely part of the world and the situation of my own apartment on the second floor, overlooking trees and the Thames itself, is just wonderful.

“I walk across Henley bridge regularly to browse in the shops and I join other residents, many of whom have become good friends, here in the lounge where there is always some form of entertainment happening, from quizzes and talks, to pianist recitals.”

Reflecting on her current situation, Ellie added: “My husband would have been happy to see me here, I’m not lonely, I have lots of friends around me and the support of some truly lovely staff.

“And I really count my blessings. I have traditionally enjoyed good health but earlier this year I had a heart scare and the Thamesfield staff were just excellent, I don’t like to think what might have happened if I was living alone in my big old house.”