Mr and Mrs Shaw, Elmbridge Village

The Shaws Elmbridge Village

Having lived in 17 different houses prior to arriving at Elmbridge Village, Pam and Gordon are ready to settle.

Pam and Gordon have recently moved to Elmbridge Manor after selling their large four-bedroom house in Somerset. Having met at a local dance in Bedford at the young ages of 18 (Pam) and 20 (Gordon), the couple went on to marry and bring up four children together. 

Gordon was in the RAF at the time he met Pam, later starting a career in farming and ending up as a director of a milk production company. Pam worked as a secretary between bringing up their four children. 

The couple are accustomed to big moves, having lived for 30 years in Scotland and living in 17 different houses prior to arriving at Elmbridge Village.

Their move to Elmbridge Village was largely influenced by wanting to be closer to their granddaughter and daughter, who live just outside Guildford – a short drive from the village.

The couple were also keen to downsize and find somewhere that suited them both for the future. 

“I am slightly older than Pam and it gives me great reassurance and comfort knowing Pam would be happy and cared for here, if anything was to happen to me.”

Gordon added “Our advise to potential buyers is to think ahead, find an environment where you are happy and comfortable early in your retirement rather than having to find somewhere due to health reasons later down the line.”

Pam has been delighted by the social community at Elmbridge Village and is looking forward to getting involved in different clubs and societies.

“Whilst we haven’t been here long, it’s clear there are many social activities at the village and we are looking forward to seeing which ones we would like to be involved in.”

Pam added “I was worried I would miss my old garden but I am thrilled the village has allotments available for residents so I will definitely be looking to acquire one of those.”