Jenny Pardingdon, Cedars Village

Jenny Pardington

Living in a retirement village is not just for the retired!

In July 2013 Jenny Pardington made the decision to swap her high-rise city apartment for a ground floor two-bedroom apartment at Cedars retirement village.

With her long-term future in mind, she carried out extensive research before deciding to move out of London and into Cedars Village where she can live life at her own pace.

Jenny recalls: “ At first when I told my family and friends they were shocked I was considering moving to a retirement village but after visiting they could see why…”

“I’ve got the best of both worlds here – a property with fantastic woodland views that I can come home to and a community of people like myself where I can get involved when I want to.”

Jenny dips in and out of village life. She is an active member of the village Residents’ Association, editor of the monthly newsletter and in charge of booking the village ballroom.

Alongside her social life, Jenny has an important commitment that occupies her time; she works part-time in the House of Lords…