Why renting works for Avonpark resident

Laurie Cook has done his fair share of moving around since his wife passed away nearly a decade ago.

Mr Cook, Avonpark, Retirement Villages

Laurie takes up his story: “I’ve moved around a lot since I lost my wife and I needed a place where I had other people to relate to and somewhere I would be fed properly – I didn’t want to be on my own nor catering for myself.”

With three children keen to help, it wasn’t long before his daughter found Retirement Villages Group online.

Mr Cook explained: “One of my youngest daughters has always kept an eye on me and she knew exactly what I wanted. My daughter is very good at researching on the internet and found Avonpark, all the way from France!”

After his children viewed the property and all agreed it would be very suitable for his requirements, Mr Cook made the move from his rented two-bedroom apartment in Berkshire and into another two-bedroom rented apartment.

Mr Cook said: “I sold my last property around three years ago when I moved from the Cotswold Hills, and I have been renting ever since. At this age, I didn’t want to get involved in owning property anymore. It suits my circumstances and gives me the flexibility to move again, if I wanted to.”

He added: “It’s very easy to settle here. The property is very spacious, it has everything I need, country views and having two-bedrooms allows me to have friends and family to stay!”

As a Harvard alumnus, qualified chartered finance secretary and keen traveller, Mr Cook continues to lead an extraordinary life. And he doesn’t plan on slowing down.

Mr Cook explained: “I find new things very illuminating and it’s great to experience the world. I had many occasions where I could travel with work and I continue in my leisure too. I have visited Australia 60 times; I have often visit North America for Harvard University reunions and business; and I have a travel companion who lives in New Zealand who I go on cruises with!”

Mr Cook’s explorative nature means that he needs somewhere he feels comfortable locking up and leaving his property whilst he’s off on his travels.

He said: “I have no need to worry at all, at Avonpark. I can lock up and go away knowing the management know where I am, and my property is cared for.”

Mr Cook is enjoying all that Avonpark has to offer him, especially the social aspect and the food!

He said: “This is somewhere you can be very independent in a nice and private accommodation but also have the advantage of other people around – and good food! I eat at the restaurant every day for lunch and dinner. There are plenty of options available which is great for someone not interested in catering for themselves.

“The staff are very good here too. They’re very helpful and attentive, especially at mealtimes. It’s also reassuring to know that there are care facilities available on site, meaning I wouldn’t have to move if I needed extra help.”

If this sounds like an answer to a happy retirement for you or a loved one, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. For more information about Avonpark, just click here.