Tony Slee, Avonpark

Avonpark provides safe haven for long-suffering Wiltshire resident.


When Wiltshire resident Tony Slee, 76, decided to buy a home at Avonpark retirement village in 2016 he had just emerged from one of the most difficult periods of his life.

“It all started about seven years ago when I developed septicaemia, a serious bloodstream infection,” Tony explained. “I was rushed to hospital but due to availability issues with senior doctors there, I was not treated quickly enough.”

He continued: “Because of the delay my septicaemia progressed into sepsis, which is an inflammation that spreads throughout the body and prevents oxygen reaching vital organs. I ended up in intensive care with multiple organ failure.”

Following this experience, Tony spent eight months in hospital and had to endure no less than 18 extremely painful operations. Although doctors managed to save his life he was left with severe physical disabilities, which limit his mobility.

“I am thankful because I am still alive, but it is fair to say that my disabilities destroyed my personal life,” said Tony.

Tony, a former newspaper shop owner who eventually sold up and worked as a caretaker in his daughter’s school for ten years before he retired, ended up moving into a care home while simultaneously going through a divorce. This was obviously a very tough time but there was light at the end of the tunnel.

His solicitor had heard of Avonpark retirement village, which is located just six miles away from Bath, and suggested that he take a look around. Tony liked what he saw and realised Avonpark could offer him an independent life, whilst affording him the peace of mind that help and assistance was close at hand if needed.

“I bought a one bedroom apartment at Avonpark, which suits me perfectly,” commented Tony.

“After moving in I immediately knew I had made the right choice because the other residents and staff were so welcoming and friendly.”

Tony now lives a relaxed life in the retirement village and enjoys regular visits from his daughter, now 33, and his three-year-old granddaughter who live nearby. They lunch together in Avonpark’s bistro café, which Tony says produces some very tasty food. It certainly goes down well with his granddaughter!

“While I live independently in my own home, Avonpark provides a range of living assistance services to help me with jobs that I find difficult,”

said Tony. “These include cleaning, laundry and property maintenance. One of Avonpark’s staff even collects my prescriptions for me from the local chemist and delivers it to my door. These services are high quality and excellent value for money.”

Every day Tony takes a walk in Avonpark’s 15 acres of beautiful grounds, which feature sweeping lawns and mature woodland, criss-crossed by a network of footpaths and conveniently placed seating areas. He has gotten to know Avonpark’s gardener very well!

Tony said: “I really enjoy living at Avonpark, there is a strong social scene and lots happening, although if I was more mobile I would certainly go out a lot more. One of the best things about living here is the staff. They are all so helpful and always go the extra mile for residents. Finally, although I live independently at the moment, it is good to know that care services are immediately available should I require them as I grow older.”

Following his traumatic life experience, Tony is enjoying living his life to the full in the comfortable and relaxed surroundings of Avonpark retirement village.