John and Pat Gale, Roseland Parc


John and Pat Gale move home at Roseland Parc as their health needs change

John and Pat Gale moved to Roseland Parc six years ago and have moved again since – to a new home within the village itself.

John, 91, a retired headmaster, explained why: “We moved to an independent property here in the village once we’d made the decision that living in our own home was becoming too much. Pat has MS and then came the onset of dementia which triggered this process.”

“Since arriving here six years ago, Pat’s health has deteriorated a little further and so we made the move to Roseland Court where we now receive supported care.”

John is chairman of the village’s residents’ association and both he and wife Pat, 85, get involved in much of the village social life.

“The beauty of this type of progressive village lifestyle is that you can move from one type of property to another when you need to, we really don’t think we will need to move again which is a comforting thought” added John.

The Gales both had careers in teaching. Their former home was in the market town of Somerton in rural Somerset and they were keen to settle into something equally as rural in their later retirement.

“Many people, including our children, see this as an isolated village but it is far from that. Everything is here really including a gym, swimming pool, hairdressers, library which acts as a cinema, and a combined Doctor’s surgery and physio,” added John.

“There are beautiful grounds with a boules court, bowling green and croquet and we have our own mini bus.”

“I am also still driving so I don’t feel remote or cut off at all. What is wonderful is the fact that we live in such a beautiful part of the country, we count ourselves very lucky.”

John and Pat’s children are spread across the UK. The couple explored a number of retirement villages before opting for Roseland Parc because of its superior build and facilities.

John explained: “The landscaping and openness of the site appealed to us, as did the modern build and the roomy and comfortable apartments. We liked the construction and the atmosphere of the village but what we didn’t realise was the fact we would also be getting a complete village life where we can either enjoy our own space and peace and quiet or join in with the active social calendar if we want to.”

“Right now, we are busy having a good time. I think it’s fair to say, we both believe the move here has been well worth the money.”