Margery Nabavi, Elmbridge Village

Longstanding resident can’t wait to move into brand new apartment in Elmbridge Manor

Margery Navabi Elmbridge ManorMargery Nabavi, 81, is one of Elmbridge Village’s most longstanding residents having moved to the community nearly 15 years ago.

Although Margery currently lives in one of the village’s original properties, she has bought an apartment in Elmbridge’s exciting new development, Elmbridge Manor, which will incorporate a range of facilities and high specification accommodation.

Margery says she can’t wait to move into Elmbridge Manor when it opens, because her soon-to-be home is bigger than where she lives now and there is a lift. This will reassure her two sons, who worry about her climbing the stairs to reach her current first floor property.

A former personnel officer and social worker, Margery married Iranian Parviz Nabavi (known as Perry). They moved to Iran’s bustling capital Tehran and lived there happily for more than two decades.

“We had a wonderful life in Iran, the people there are so friendly,” she explains. “We got into horse racing, buying a horse from England that nobody thought would amount to much and going on to win practically everything! He was called ‘What a Secret’.

However, in 1979 there was a revolution in Iran when the monarchy was overthrown. This caused a great deal of social and political instability and made work difficult, so Margery and her husband returned to the UK.

The Nabavis moved into a four-storey home in Fulham, London, where they raised their two boys. Eventually the children grew up and left, leaving them to contemplate their next move.

“We decided to downsize as we no longer needed a large family property and wanted a change of scenery,” explains Margery. “We started looking at retirement options in the South and fell in love with Elmbridge Village straightaway.”

The Nabavis bought a property at Elmbridge and quickly settled into the retirement village lifestyle, finding everyone in the community to be enormously welcoming and making lots of new friends.

When Margery was sadly widowed a few years after moving to Elmbridge, she was grateful for the support she found round her. She says: “This was obviously a tough time but the other residents rallied round me, which helped a lot.”

Margery now enjoys an active, fulfilling retirement. She is part of a group of five other residents who have grown very close over the years and regularly meet for lunch, tea and excursions to local attractions. “Living in a close community like Elmbridge means that one need never be lonely”.

“There is plenty to get involved with at Elmbridge and I take part in a variety of social events and activities such as indoor bowling and bridge,” she explains. “I also enjoy afternoon tea, which is a good time to catch up with my girls, as well as the speakers who regularly come to the village to inform and entertain us. Retirement Villages’ employees at Elmbridge are second to none, always going the extra mile for the residents.”

Margery strongly recommends Elmbridge and the retirement village lifestyle.

“If you are retired or about to retire then living in a close-knit, thriving community such as Elmbridge is highly beneficial,” she says. “However, don’t wait to make the move. Do it while you are young enough to make the most of everything there is to offer and get actively involved in the village’s social scene.”