Graham and Sheila Sheriff, Elmbridge Village


“The best move we could have made.”

“Moving to Elmbridge Village was undoubtedly the best move we could have made,” said an emphatic Graham Sheriff, sitting in the conservatory of his two bedroom bungalow with wife Sheila.

That move took place eight years ago and the couple, now in their 80s, say they have never regretted the decision to this day.

Moving day actually happened two weeks before Graham had a major operation for throat cancer. It was his condition that motivated the couple to look for a more manageable home.

“We had a very nice bungalow in Guildford with a lovely big garden. But it took a lot of upkeep. My condition made us realise we needed somewhere where we knew we would be safe,” explained Graham.

“It is the best thing we’ve ever done, there is no question of that. The first moment we moved in, it felt like home. We didn’t lose any of our friends in Cranleigh or Guildford, we just made extra new ones here in the village.”

“In fact, the village gave us a new lease of life. There are as many as 20 activities happening in this village every week, and we have tried new sports and hobbies over the years ourselves. There is most definitely never a dull moment!”

The Sheriffs are not the only members of the family to enjoy life in this Surrey retirement village – their West Highland Terrier Jamie receives a lot of attention on walks around the village.

“He is one of the village’s star attractions, everyone stops to say hello to him!” added Graham. “The other stars of the village are the staff. There are 44 of them, all looking after our best interests, which is much better than some of the retirement schemes we previously viewed which just had one warden and a community lounge. I know who is better off!”