Where every day really is like a holiday

Where every day feels like a holiday

That holiday feeling…

‘Every day is like a holiday’ is not a phrase simply plucked from thin air by the marketers, it is the actual words expressed by a resident not long after he moved into our Lime Tree Village in Warwickshire.

This gentleman was delighted that after many months of research and soul searching, his final decision – to move to a retirement village – had provided him with a better outcome than he could ever have expected!

Those words have remained with us many years later and we believe they accurately reflect, more than ever, what a retirement village lifestyle is all about – a permanent holiday.

Is it really like a holiday*?

Here are five every day aspects of village life which definitely give that holiday feeling:

  • Villages are located in some of the UK’s choicest destinations so if you’re looking for some sea air, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a golf course on your doorstep, or the ability to wander through the town park to the shops, take your pick.

  • You can dip into a whole range of activities – from fitness, outdoor games to pampering treatments and even moments of relaxation in the sunny conservatories and garden rooms.

  • There’s plenty of entertainment whether you want to stay in the village or explore further afield. Trips to the theatre, retail outlets and famous landmarks are regularly scheduled. Relax in the village itself and join in the entertainment there, whether you simply want a coffee morning, evening drinks in the residents’ bar, a game of indoor bowls, a game of bridge, a seat in the film show or a chance to get really dressed up for the next evening dance.
  • Don’t worry about the chores! That’s our job. We have a staff team, dedicated to making your stay a very happy one. They will be tending the grounds and the outside of your property as well as calling in to give your property a weekly clean and launder your bed linen for you.
  • Holidays mean different things to different people. Is your ideal holiday a case of throwing yourself into everything that’s happening and being the complete social butterfly? Or are you more one for a quiet book, some peace and tranquility and some proper ‘me’ time? Either way, village life works for you. Our villages are private environments where people come and go and spend their time however they choose. There’s no obligation to join in – your time is your own – to maximise just as you want.

Find out more

If you think this is the sort of ‘holiday’ lifestyle you would like to find out more about for your future, please do get in touch. We will be happy to help.

* Every village differs – that’s the beauty of each location – that also means that the above facilities, activities and services will vary from village to village. Please do ask for full details at your chosen village.