RV Life


Are you thinking about moving into a retirement village?

Buying or renting property in a retirement village is a big step to take, and we want our prospective residents to be as well informed as possible about the lifestyle of our numerous retirement villages across the country. That’s why we have produced RV Life, our free quarterly publication all about retirement living.

In RV Life we profile each of our stunning villages, discuss our latest upcoming developments and even talk to current residents who love the luxury and independence of a retirement village. Why take our word for it when you can take theirs?

Our award-winning villages are pioneering the luxury retirement community lifestyle. Whether you’d relish the privacy and solitude of your own home or an exhaustive social calendar that caters to a wide range of interests, our villages have something for everyone. So why not find out more?

RV Life is a completely free publication, designed to help you understand exactly what retirement living in one of our villages means and the kind of lifestyle you can expect.

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