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New Bird Boxes for National Nestbox Week

National Nestbox Week takes place at the end of February each year. It’s a celebration that puts the spotlight on breeding birds and encourages everyone to put more nestboxes up in their local area. There’s a huge benefit to native wild birds from an increase in nestboxes and as we have beautiful grounds across our communities many got involved in this celebration and built or installed new bird nestboxes.

Putting up nestboxes is a great way to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Early Spring is the perfect time to make a start and some boxes, as it’s just before the small birds breeding season, may even get used this year. We are hopefully for lots of new residents.

Our team has a huge focus on nature and sustainability at Charters Village, always keeping it in mind for the community. We hope the boxes will compliment our wildflower meadow and pond, bringing even more nature into the community.
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