Meet Jane Ward, the new Village Manager at The Priory

Diary posted

27th December 2018

The Priory

The Priory’s new Village Manager, Jane Ward, has over four decades of experience in the retirement industry and loves what her new job role can bring to both herself and the village residents. 

We had a chat with Jane to find why she chose to work at The Priory retirement village.  

Jane Ward, The Priory, Retirement VillagesTell us how you came to work in the care sector and why it is important to you?

“I’ve worked in retirement for over 40 years in a variety of ways. It’s making a difference to people and providing a quality service that I really enjoy.” 

What attracted you to Retirement Villages?

“This is my first post within a retirement village. Previously, I was an area manager responsible for many retirement sites, but I lost personal contact and interaction with the residents and their service requirements, which I really missed. This is why I applied to be a village manager, so I can engage with residents again.” 

What skills or experience do you have that lends itself well to your role as Village Manager?

“I’m a sociable, interactive and outgoing person who has a broad knowledge of retirement living– and now I’m part of that generation too, so I communicate with the residents the way I would want to be acknowledged and communicated with!” 

What do you enjoy about your role?

“It is very early days yet, it’s a total change and it’s great to be settling down in the village and getting to grips with the way it runs. I’m looking forward to progressing within my role.” 

How do you work with residents to ensure that issues of interest or concern to them are addressed?

“I always say that communication is key. I have a complete open-door policy where anyone can come in for a chat and I’m happy to point them in the right direction.” 

Tell us about your staff and how they support you?

“I get along very well with them, there are so many useful people and they’re really supporting me in my new role.” 

What are the main benefits you feel residents gain from living within your community?

“There’s so much that goes on that ensures residents do not feel isolated as they’re provided with the opportunity to mix with friends and neighbours if they wish to.”   

How do the residents help to create a lively social scene within the village?

“They’re very proactive and organise a lot of varied activities for all the residents and we heavily support the Residents Association here too.” 

Which are your most popular events or activities?

“There seems to be something going on all the time, we have coffee mornings three days a week, various music groups and yoga which proves to be quite popular too. I haven’t had the chance to attend myself but I’m certainly looking forward to it.” 

Tell us a little about you personally.

“I have lived within a five-mile radius of the retirement village for seven years now and it has so much to offer. I also enjoy going swimming, travelling, walking and spending time with my family – including two dogs! My family have seen photographs of The Priory and they’re just as impressed as I am.” 

What are you looking forward to in the future?

“I can’t wait to improve an already beautiful place, there’s a lot to look forward to.”